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A Nice Afternoon Out

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Last weekend Paul took Tabby roller skating in Frenchtown.  It’s a town about a half hour away and they have an old roller rink. I’ve never been myself, but they had a wonderful time. Being mindful of how my photo challenge has pointed out that I never go anywhere I suggested we head there for lunch and visiting the few quaint shops later in the week. Wednesday we picked Tabby up from school and were on our way. Paul had picked up a menu at a nice looking restaurant so we went there first. (If you are not from the area, here’s a bit of geography-we live in New Jersey and the Delaware River forms the western border of the state between NJ and Pennsylvania. There are many quaint towns along the river.) It was just the sort of charming unique restaurant that I love. Lovely art on the walls, a wonderful menu, a cozy feeling, unique funky decorations, and a great ambience.
Lunch Out

I Spy Valentine's Display (if I had a restaurant or shop I would totally make displays like this)
I had visions of future brunches and lunches there.  If you know anything about me, then you will know how terribly disappointed I was when Paul started chatting with one of the guys and wondering who on earth their customers could be (it’s a quaint town, sure, but kind of in the middle of nowhere, not much going on, not a big population, and for God’s sakes we can’t get anyplace like this where we live and there are thousands more residents) and found out that we were there on an unusually slow day, they’d been featured on some Food Nework show, and were typically packed with people from as far away as Connecticut. Bleah. and Ugh. And let this be a message to you, Flemington. Why don’t you get some more interesting shops and restaurants? Why can’t there be some nice funky independent cafes around? (and how about a bookstore while we’re at it? Barnes & Noble is fine.) But, I digress into a rant. We had a delicious lunch and then went next door to a crazy emporium of Asian imports. Tabby was adorably beside herself exclaiming over everything. “it’s beautiful!” “oh! Fossils! We have to bring Clark!”

#57 Three or More of the Same Thing

Just a nice mask for your wall

I took a lot of pictures because I was hoping to start checking off some of the things on my 113 in 2013 list. I did get 3 or More of the Same Thing, A Toy, One Color, Yellow & Green.
It was just a really nice afternoon out and so funny to see that visiting fancy little shops absolutely delighted Tabby.


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