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Maple Sugaring Time at Howell Living Farm

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Every year we miss out on the various maple sugaring programs in our area and this year we were determined not to. This morning we saw that we could make it to Howell Living Farm to check out their demonstrations. But first, Happy Birthday Dr Seuss! We had green eggs and ham for breakfast. For the fried egg I separated the yolk and white, dyed the white, and then put it back together.
Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Doesn’t it look appetizing? You can see why Sam-I-Am was hesitant to try it! Off to the farm we went. It’s cold today, but not freezing, which means the sap is running in the trees. We saw a tree be tapped and the sap come dripping out of it.
Check out those drops of sap coming down!!
It’s so crazy to think that something that goes drip…drip….drip… can fill up a 2 gallon bucket in 24 hours.
A full bucket of sap
The sap is clear and then gets boiled and turned into maple syrup. It was fun to wander around the farm, see the animals, and visit the old farmhouse for hot cocoa and pancakes made on an old fashioned stove, served with their own maple syrup. Delicious!
Checking the sap buckets

We bought a $3 tap and came home and tapped the big tree in our backyard. You can do it with a tap, a little hose, and a gallon milk jug.
Forget fancy buckets, you can use a milk jug!
Paul had a bit of difficulty setting it up correctly and for the first hour all the sap ran down the tree.
We came home and tapped our own tree
It’s set up pretty well now, though, so I can’t wait to see what happens!

Unrelated, our funny chickens are at it again. Laying eggs in the smoker!
Smoker Chicken

One of my very favorite things to see with a chicken and her chicks is the baby’s head peeking out of her feathers. Today I finally got the picture I always wanted of that. Look how striking and yet adorable Quicksilver and Lil Pointdexter are. He’s growing up but still likes the safety and comfort of his mother’s wing.
Quicksilver & Chick


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