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In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

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March is completely living up to its mercurial reputation. Tuesday was a beautiful sunshiney “Spring is here!” kind of day. The crocuses bloomed!
Crocus in bloom

The tulips are starting to emerge
Tulips peeking out of the ground
And the sap is running during the day. We’re ready to boil our sap this afternoon and turn it into maple syrup. On a cold night and from a drippy set up, we ended up with this sapsicle:

Two days later we woke up to this:
Spring Snow!
A beautiful snow morning! And now today there is a little bit of snow left, but mostly it’s sunny and beautiful. I still can’t stand how muddy and poopy (literally-dog poop, chicken poop) everything is right now. I think we are going to aggressively fence off and seed big parts of the yard. If we don’t it won’t be long before at least half the yard is just dirt that the chickens are in all the time. It’s just so ugly all around and I can’t wait for some spring blooms, green grass, and aggressive yard clean up (I know that dog poop won’t magically go away) to make everything better.

We started our week on Sunday with the amazing Chinese acrobats and we ended it by attending the Big Apple Circus last night. It was wonderful. I loved this year’s theme, Legendarium. Costumes and music were very historical circus-y. And the acts were wonderful.
But the best and biggest news of the week is that yesterday Paul was offered a job. Looking for work since losing his job in September has been a full time job for him and he has finally found something. We are very excited, happy, and relieved! Many thanks to everyone who has been so kind to us during what has been a kind of difficult time.

The days are getting longer which means more daylight and more eggs. I collected SEVENTEEN the other day. We really need to start selling these because I can’t keep up with them all.


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