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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We observe this holiday in a very low key way, food based of course.  I cooked a corned beef with potatoes, carrots, and cabbage in the slow cooker all day and I also baked an Irish soda bread. I use the recipe my friend Denise gave me many years ago, though this year I added a little extra flour and it totally fixed some problems I’d been having with it (flat and gooey dough.) It came out great-a nice crusty crust,
St. Patrick's Day feast
with soft inside. I like mine with raisins and caraway seeds in it, so we do have both.
St. Patrick's Day feast
A wonderful snack this afternoon when we came in from the cold, and also with dinner. We also enjoyed listening to traditional Irish music while we ate!
St. Patrick's Day feast
I had today marked for pea planting, but really didn’t feel like doing anything more than just digging up the garden bed. The chickens were thrilled and tomorrow I’ll lock them out and get peas in the soil.
The low point of the day was Clark getting mad at Tabby because she touched his toys and retaliating by using a Sharpie on her clothing. Who does that?! However, the afternoon made up for it when they headed outside on their own and into the woods. They must have been back there for an hour while Paul and I cleaned up the garage and I did the dreaded task of finally picking up all the dog poo (I would like it to rain bleach now so the grass is sanitized.) When they finally returned they were cold and very muddy and very happy. Hot cocoa and a movie were then in order, of course.

I took a few minutes to make another St. Patrick’s Day post–this one on my book blog. Check it out here for some recommendations.
Tomorrow is a big change for us-Paul’s first day at work. I’m thinking it will make me more productive in the sewing room, but we’ll see…


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