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Running with Scissors

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A Scissors Case for meI loved the little scissors case I made for my mother so much that I made myself one too. Now I can run safely with scissors! Or, more likely, have my embroidery stuff with me on the couch and not worry that they are going to fall point first into the leather and ruin it. Embroidery scissors are seriously sharp! One time I had a pair in my hand and idly scratched my head. Or, tried to. Can you guess what actually happened? I stabbed myself right in the scalp with the little scissors. Scalp wounds bleed a lot. And I couldn’t see the wound because it was on top of my head, so was freaking out over blood gushing out of my head. So that’s my funny scissors story.

To make a little case like this is so easy. It’s simply two pieces of felt blanket stitched together. The book I got this idea from had a pattern, but you really don’t need one. One piece is longer than the other because it has the rounded flap, and the other is the triangle from the front.  I embroidered the fronts and back separately before stitching them together.
Like with my mom’s I started with a woven raised spiderweb design.  I used a very slippery iridescent thread that looked great. My best spiderweb so far! Then I backstitched, straight stitched, lazy daisied, and french knotted and just made a nice little design.
A Scissors Case for me
On the back is a heart that I did the couching stitch on.
A Scissors Case for me
A little velcro is just right for keeping it closed. I love this little case and now I don’t have to worry about my pointy scissors loose in other bags or stabbing the couch.


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  1. This is lovely! And your scissors/head wound story sounds like something I would do!


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