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I Like Big Bags and I Cannot Lie

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I’ve been friends with Joanna for over 30 years. That’s a lot of years. We’ve both turned 40 this  year and though I am literally months late with her gift (the shame!!!!!) it took me that long to figure out what to give her. Way back a million years ago we came up with a theory (observation) that women’s handbags got bigger and bigger as they got older. We’ve enjoyed many big purse jokes over the years. But now we’re 40 it seems we might need really big ones. So, I made her an assortment of bags.

First, a small zippered back with a monogram, which I didn’t take a picture of. Then, a medium sized purse. The pattern is from One Yard Wonders and I’d never made it before. It’s a nice standard looking purse with a pretty pleating on the front and back.  I used a home dec weight fabric and thought the fun but still somewhat classic pattern was perfect for her. I used a solid blue for the interior, and placed one pocket inside. I love how this came out. It does have a couple imperfections (when the magnetic closure is snapped it misaligns the straps), but I don’t think they’ll impact the use of it.  I think this is a great style for spring/summer/fall and will definitely make one for myself too.

Then, a mega large tote bag.  I saw this fabric and had to have it for this type of bag. I didn’t really follow a pattern.
Totes Cute
It’s also home dec weight to make it a bit sturdy, but flexible.  The one I made for myself last year has washed quite nicely and remained strong while getting softer.  The best part about this is the hardware I bought. I sewed in a D-ring type loop. To clip on to it I made a small zippered bag with a clasp that will latch on to it.
Totes Cute
So, you fill the big bag with all your stuff for the pool or beach, and then put your phone and keys and cash in the little bag. When it’s time to hit the snack bar you can easily find and unclasp the small bag and take it with you.
Totes Cute

Happy Birthday, Joanna! love you!


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  1. Love you, too!! And love my BIG bags! xxxooo


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