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Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter!
What a nice Easter we had! Our day started bright and early and, happily, sunshine-y.  Our kids get way more excited about Easter than I remember getting excited-but maybe I just don’t remember when I was as young as they are.  In our house we also didn’t have hidden eggs, which I now see I was missing out on. Because it’s fun! The kids were delighted with their baskets and finding eggs in the house and outside the house.  That funny E.B. had once again hidden an egg in the coop, as well as on our new beehives.
Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
After some candy eating and a nice breakfast Tabby and I donned our Easter dresses and headed out to church.
Happy Easter!
Then we had a little fun putting on Easter hats and modeling them. This pink beauty was Paul’s grandmother’s! I think Tabitha looks beautiful in it.
In your Easter bonnet...
In your Easter bonnet...
And yes, I realize this is all Tabby picture heavy. Clark was wearing his spectacular new t-shirt he picked out featuring a large lion head with an eye patch and a gold tooth. It’s really….something.
Anyway, we had a really nice Easter dinner with my aunt and cousins. I made a strawberry trifle for dessert and was quite pleased with the vessel I used for it-a glass canister.
I made a strawberry trifle for dessert
(there, now Clark is more represented.)
Now, to just go back a day. I have to share a story about the Saturday of Easter weekend. We took a little trip down to Trenton to check out the farmers’ market and some Polish delis. (Paul’s father was 100% Polish, but Paul didn’t grow up with many Polish traditions or anything.) While waiting for Paul to get some bread the kids and I were standing on the corner (at the intersection one corner was a bank, two corners were markets, the other corner was a Catholic Church-“Catholic Community of Saint Hedwig”)
Saint Hedwig
People started walking to the church from all directions and everyone was carrying a little basket. The baskets had bread, Polish painted eggs(we have a nice collection of these ourselves), sugar lambs, and sprigs of greenery. Some had ribbons through the handles, and all had white lacy cloths on top. I looked it up on Wikipedia and this is what it was. I love to think that Paul’s grandparents and aunts (his father grew up here, his father’s sisters over there) participated in this tradition.

So neat to see! We did go into the church which was GORGEOUS with a lot of gold. It was completely packed with people out to the entrance and silent. About 10 minutes later the blessing was done and everyone headed home.

Overall, it was a lovely Easter weekend with some unexpected and interesting happenings.


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