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Springtime Days

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And finally, we’ve got normal spring weather! The kind that makes you want to fuss in the garden and play in the park.  Honestly, I’ve not done much in the garden except cheer on the tulips and peonies and blooming trees.
and a few hours of sunlight later....

Peach Blossom
I need to get out there and get a few things planted.  But in the meantime, we’ve made the most of spring the past few days.  We kicked off our weekend by attending Clark’s pack meeting (where Paul is the new Cubmaster!), where there was a wild animal show.  The animals were so neat-a South American porcupine, Fennec Fox, chinchilla, hissing cockroach, and coatamundi.  We were so close to the animals! We learned a lot of fascinating facts about them and everyone got to pet the chinchilla.
The Chinchilla is the World's Softest Animal. It was like petting air. or whipped cream. And holy cow adorable.

South American Porcupine: look at that cute stubby nose

Saturday was one of our beloved Game Nights, with Liz & Eleanor. Now that our kids like playing with them too and we have to share their attention we need to start these get togethers earlier and earlier. I made homemade pizza and they brought a wine that how could we not drink–Fairview! And a very special cake to celebrate the good fortune of Paul’s new job, and my upcoming birthday. It’s from a chi-chi bakery, so it’s hilarious that they put the requested word, Happy, in quotes, as if it was a Cake Wreck.
"Happy" Game Night

"Happy" Game Night

On Monday Tabby and I had a special afternoon at the park together. We brought Pippin with us, along with her bike. I’m trying to give her more bike riding opportunities (we pretty much have to drive somewhere to do so.) Pippin was thrilled because we rode/walked to a part of the river and he immediately went in and lay down. He loves a river so much!
Dog + River=Happiness
We also had a lovely picnic amongst wildflowers.
Spring Wildflowers

And now for some sad and startling news. Yesterday morning when I opened the doors to the coop to let the chickens out I found a dead rooster on the ground!! It was one of the Bobs. He seemed fine the day before so I really don’t know what happened. Chicken heart attack? Of the three chicks that Mother Hen hatched last year now only one remains. Perhaps they all defects? Speaking of hatching…one of the Buff Orpingtons commandeered the flower pot a week and a half ago. Three days ago a white hen decided that she is broody and also wants that spot. So she just joined in. Then yesterday she apparently got booted out and so went and sat on the 4 eggs that had been laid in the nearby box that day and which I hadn’t yet collected. And now will not. Why can’t these broody hens be sensible?? This flower pot nonsense is causing grief for everyone because the other hens are super put out that they can’t get in there. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for some happy peeping in another week and a half’s time.

Double Broody


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