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Happy Birthday to Me!

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Happy Birthday to Me
Yesterday was my birthday and we’re in the midst of a three day celebration of it. Which sounds excessive and narcissistic, but that’s just the way it worked out.  For my actual birthday it was a pretty mellow day-Paul at work, Clark at school, and Tabby counting the minutes until she could leave for her big sleepover at her cousin’s house for a birthday party.
Ready for a sleepover

After Tabby was safely on her way it just me and Paul and Clark. We went out to dinner at a new seafood restaurant, which turned out to be charming and great (uh-oh! competition for our favorite restaurant in town! in a town with not many great casual independent restaurants, how can it support two seafood specific ones??). We had a delicious cake afterward and watched Skyfall. Then today it worked out very well to go pick up Tabby and continue along the coast a little ways to Ocean Grove. You may already know this is my favorite beach to go to and I’ve gone here on my birthday a few other times. Who says it has to be hot and sunny to enjoy the ocean? Not me! I just wanted to sit in the sand and gaze upon it. So off we went. This was our first time on the shore since Hurricane Sandy. I had seen photos of the waves at Ocean Grove, but not of the damage and it was actually really upsetting to see the boardwalk gone
The boardwalk is gone
And the end of the fishing pier, which used to have a little building on it. I have a photo of Paul and I on this pier taken right after he told me he loved me for the very first time-3 weeks after we met! So I felt sad to see it so changed.
The end of the fishing pier is gone
I’ve taken pictures of the kids each year in this spot, too. Here’s what it used to look like:
The beach is also changed, with a long dune where once it was flat. I’m assuming that they actually bulldozed it like that for some sort of something or other.
A new dune alters the whole terrain of the beach
We had a wonderful time playing in the sand, putting our toes in the icy water, and basking in the sun and wind.




During lunch at Nagle’s a very exciting event happened–Tabby lost her first tooth! It’s been very loose all week and while we were eating she showed us that it had gotten extremely loose and I could see it bleeding a bit. She let me reach over and just pluck it out and was super excited about it. Looks like the Tooth Fairy will be flying to our house tonight! Look at that new grin–
A beautiful new grin

It was a really lovely afternoon! We’ve got something special planned for tomorrow, too, so stay tuned!

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  1. Happy Birthday! Or should I say, “Happy” Birthday? Heh.

    I had no idea Paul told you he loved you after only 3 weeks! You’re officially the cutest couple I know. 😀

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And I agree with what Pookie said — you and Paul are adorable.

    That’s so sad to see the devastation at Ocean Grove, even now so long after it happened.

    But, shifting gears awkwardly, I’m going on record to say that three-say birthday celebrations is totally where it’s at.

  3. Thank you! When Paul said “Mom’s birthday always lasts 3 days” to the kids I felt I had to defend myself. After all, they end up having birthday stuff at school, with friends, at home. That’s just the way it works out! Today we’re going to Grounds for Sculpture. And still have a lot of cake to eat.

  4. Happy Birthday! 🙂 xoxox


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