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A Day at the Fair at Grounds for Sculpture

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The extended birthday celebration concluded with a wonderful afternoon at Grounds for Sculpture.  They were having a special event today-“A Day at the Fair.”  Since the grounds were originally the NJ State fairgrounds it was a hearkening back to the roots. I expected it to be more old-fashioned-people pedaling penny farthings around, strolling barbershop quartets, leg o’ mutton sleeves and the like.  What it really was was a concentrated area that had a band playing, face painting, balloon, animals, and a petting zoo.  There was one old-timey act-a flea circus, which was fun.  The petting zoo featured the cutest tiniest lambs and goats, as well as rams with big curly horns and ridiculous teeth.
It's not enough to have insane horns, let's add creepy teeth!
One of the neatest things was the community art project.  There were boxes of ribbons and strips of fabric and all kinds of circles-some bicycle tires, planter bottoms, and the like. And…go! make something beautiful! I loved this. We made three and hung them up with all the others, beautifully fluttering in the wind.  These will all be collected (along with others from other events) and made into a community art installation next month.  My mom and I were quite inspired by these and are going to make some to hang from our gardens/porches.
A community art project: making beautiful wheels however you liked. they'll be part of an installation next month

A community art project: making beautiful wheels however you liked. they'll be part of an installation next month
That was just the special for today stuff.  We of course enjoyed the rest of the grounds, revisiting some favorite sculptures, as well as finding new (and finding some old favorites gone!)

Sculpture Attack!
The Dancer
We were all really taken with a new area, “The Meadow.” This had a water area that looks like it’s not quite filled in yet and grass not quite grown in yet, but that’s ok. The art here completely meshed with the landscape in a way that the entire area was like one big art installation. We really liked the army of flounder topped frog legs striding down the hill into the pond.
Flounder topped frog legs marching towards a pond

Flounder topped frog legs marching towards a pond

And, as always, a family portrait taken in the reflective shiny bean. This time Tabby & Clark wanted to turn the other way.
#49 Something Shiny (113 in 2013)A beautiful way to enjoy this sunshiney spring day and a great way to wrap up the weekend!



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  1. Sarah, we just discovered another tiny little art park near Langhorne PA and I think you and your family would enjoy it! The art center is part of the Tyler State Park and they also offer pottery classes which you might enjoy! There is a fee for the classes, but for free you can stroll the 4 mile path in the park and roam around the art center’s yard to see about a dozen sculptures. My favorite sculpture is the life size dragon that used to live in New Hope, PA. Bring a picnic lunch!


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