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A Busy Spring Weekend

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It was a beautiful spring weekend with lots going on. First, we had the chick hatching. Update: I’ve clearly seen both the black and yellow one.  Still no idea if there are more. Most times when I look in on her she’s silently sitting, exactly as when the eggs weren’t hatched.  In other chicken news that I didn’t mention before, it seems like the mites our chickens had have manifested themselves into “worst case scenario” for one of the hens. I fear she won’t survive. We had her isolated in a cage, but she escaped when we were trying to spray bactine on her mortal wounds. So, she apparently doesn’t hurt much since she’s running around the yard with the others, but honestly I don’t how she’ll live.

Paul checked in on the bees and queens and could see that they have started filling the combs with pollen and nectar
Checking on the hives
and also started building up some honeycomb. Apparently they did it in the wrong place (?) so he had to scrape it off.
Checking on the hives
Real beeswax!
On Saturday I attended a photography workshop at St. Hubert’s, a big animal shelter.  It’s where I got Pippin 11 years ago! It’s rather big and fancy now. The workshop was part of One Picture Saves a Life, which is about getting in to shelters and taking beautiful portraits of shelter animals so that when people see them online they will want to come meet the animal. I’m hoping that this will be the first step to volunteering to do this. And then I couldn’t resist seeing what dogs they had now and even met with a lovely 5 year old dog and felt tempted to bring him home.  However, I think we’re at maximum animal capacity presently.

Later that evening Tabby and I attended a Mother Daughter Dinner at church.
Mother-Daughter Dinner
We’re not a religious family at all, but in the late fall Tabby started going to Sunday School and she adores it and everything about church.  And I have to say, this has been a very welcoming church and it’s a pleasure to go there. And this event was a delight. It sounds so quaint and hokey, but you know what? It was really lovely. Beautiful decorations, the men served us, it was nice to see all ages of mothers, daughters, and granddaughters, and we had a nice time.
Mother-Daughter Dinner
And most fun of all was the hat contest! The instructions were a simple and vague “make a hat”, so very open to creative interpretation.  We decided on newspaper hats with an Enchantment Under the Sea theme. Mine is a big saucery one that it straight out of a runway show or British wedding.  We had a lot of fun making and decorating them. And..we were one of the winners!
Mother-Daughter Dinner
Sunday afternoon was Clark’s Jr. Naturalist program at Duke Farms.  While Clark & Paul attended, Tabby rode her bike around and I pantingly followed. Yeah, we are beyond me walking along while she rides and next time I’ll have my bike too. It was completely packed with walkers and bikers and scooterers, as it was a gorgeous day.  I think it’s obvious that Duke Farms is filling a need that our area has had for biking paths in natural spaces. (though I managed this photo without anyone else in it!)
We did stop in at the Orchid Range. Quite a difference from the last time I was there when it was just my mom and me in there-it was crowded!
Squid-like Orchid
After that we headed right to Princeton for a fair they were having called Communiversity. I’m always slightly disappointed in street fairs. Mainly because it’s hard to find parking because the streets are closed off, plus if you don’t feel like eating or buying jewelry, there’s not a ton to actually “do.” That said, we enjoyed people watching, looking at the beautiful campus, making a few crafts in some areas, and Clark enjoyed the “pie a guy” fundraiser where he got to throw whipped cream at college boys. Oh, and they had good bands playing. I guess it was pretty cool. And afterwards we had dinner outside at Tiger Noodles. It was an exhausting weekend!
Clark enjoyed "pie a guy"


A giant bowl of noodle soup at Tiger Noodles


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  1. I always read beekeeping blogs. I have mentally gone done that road a time or two. They seem like the next logical step after chickens.


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