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Buffy’s Brood Grows

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The little yellow and black chick hatched on Saturday and today is Tuesday and they are still in the flowerpot. I thought it strange that the mom hadn’t yet tried to move them, but this morning I saw why. Looking in on her, hoping to catch a glimpse of the chicks, I saw an egg in the process of hatching! It was right in front of her, halfway open, I could see a chick still somewhat folded up, but I saw its eye blink and heard it peep. Amazing!!  I was a little worried about it in the open, but resolved not to mess with Mother Nature and quickly left. I did keep peeking in throughout the day and a couple times later it was all the way under her. Then, in the afternoon, I could see a new chick flapping about a bit under her wing. I could tell it was the new one-not quite strong enough to shove out from under her and hop about, definitely alive and dry. The new chick is black and yellow.

Meanwhile the other two did hop about her a little and say hello to me.
Mother & Chick

Baby Chicks
This mother hen means business when it comes to protecting her chicks.
Don't Mess with Her

Can’t wait to look in on them tomorrow and see what’s happening.

Also in animal husbandry news…apparently Tabby accidentally put Blackie into the boys guinea pigs’ cage for about a half hour today. Since they routinely try to reach her through the bars of her cage I’m sure it was an action packed half hour and am just crossing my fingers she is not pregnant.

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