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This is quite surprising and unbelievable. The morning after the chick died I looked in and watched the mother hen stand up and reveal….3 chicks beneath her! I was so shocked that I actually checked to make sure the dead one was still dead (I hadn’t yet disposed of the body, it was set aside and wrapped up.) So that answers why she hasn’t left the nest for good yet. A mother hen can hear peeping inside the shell before the chick hatches.  She may have heard peeping and known there was still another one to come.  The new one looks just like the dead one-black and yellow. It also looks quite small.
Back up to 3!

Back up to 3!
Today I put food on the ground and she eagerly took her chicks to it. Unfortunately the new one cannot make it out of the flower pot and just kept peeping and hopping up.  I’ll keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t get left behind.
Back up to 3!They are so adorable!! I can’t wait for her to bring them outside. Right now the bright green grass, brilliant yellow dandelions, and spring sunshine are very flattering to everyone.

Clark on a Swig

The maple tree is in leaf with dripping down leafy things




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