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The Conclusion of the Mother Hen Saga

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What a beautiful weekend! Gorgeous spring weather, sunshine, good times. Saturday was a practically perfect day! And really,the whole weekend was good. We kicked it off with Tabby losing her second tooth on Friday afternoon, leaving her with an adorable grin.
Adios, Tooth #2
Then in the evening Paul and I went to our final theater thing for the season at RVCC. This time it was Cirque Zuma Zuma, which shared many of the acrobatic type acts as the Peking Acrobats, but it is an African group and there was cool African dance and drumming, too, which created a very different feel and overall vibe. I don’t know if I mentioned it, but last week we saw Momix at the McCarter Theater, which was wonderful. We saw them last year for my birthday and were blown away by the modern dance-illusions-athletic feats.  This year’s performance, Botanica, had an overall theme and was simply incredible.

When I last wrote Mother Hen had hatched out a 4th chick, after stepping on chick #3, bringing her total back up to 3.  Well, #3 had a lot of trouble making it out of the flower pot, but finally did while Mother and the other two scratched about on the floor. Unfortunately, by the next morning #3 had vanished. I knew its little corpse had to be around somewhere.  Saturday afternoon she finally took the two babies outside into the yard.
into the wide world
When we saw her she was enjoying a dust bath while the little ones scratched about her. I imagined her settling in, sighing, and saying “this is the first bath I’ve had in a month!” (which is true.) While they were out I decided to go in and remove the old eggs since she’s clearly done. Then I decided to just take the whole flower pot out and eliminate the trouble its causing. I picked it up and carried it outside and…peep, peep. Another egg was hatching. Its little beak poking out of the egg.
and the saga continues
Good grief. I also found the corpse of chick #3 behind the pot. Put the hatching egg under the heat lamp, disposed of other stuff in the woods, and left Mother with a nest on the floor. I’m not surprised that the hatching chick did not make it fully out of its egg. So our grand total is 2 cute little chicks, one yellow, one black and yellow. Both of them have feathered legs. All of our roosters have feathered legs, so this is not a surprising trait. (By the way, there’s not usually so much drama with hatching a clutch of eggs. This is all because this silly hen laid her eggs in the favorite egg laying spot and other hens snuck in there and laid eggs too. So instead of sitting on a clutch of eggs that would hatch all at once she ended up with this drawn out process.) She lets me get quite close to them and it’s so sweet to see them following her around in the yard. She’s keeping them much busier than Quicksilver was with her chick-but on the other hand Quicksilver had her baby in January and had to keep her warm more often. Our Buffy is quite protective around the other chickens and spreads her wings and puffs up when others get too close.
When others get too close she spreads her wings and fluffs up to protect her chicks and tell others to back off

When others get too close she spreads her wings and fluffs up to protect her chicks and tell others to back off

Strolling around the yard

Little Yellow

On Saturday we also took advantage of the weather to buckle down and freshen up the yard. We were finally able to mow which made everything look a hundred times better. Paul built me a new flower bed area, which I can’t wait to fill; we fenced and seeded two of the bare dirt areas with grass seed; and we visited a garden center to get a new tadpole, some snails, and some new fish.
Blub Blub
And we ended the day with a bonfire in the backyard. The stick situation in our yard is quite a situation indeed. It’s always been sticky but the hurricane made it worse, dropping a million tiny to large sticks everywhere. Lugging them away, picking them up by hand, just wasn’t working out. So we raked it up and had a big fire. It was lovely. The kids were thrilled with the campfire. This didn’t even take care of all the sticks, so I’m sure we’ll be burning a few more times over the course of the spring and summer.
#71 Fire, Flame, or Heat (113 in 2013)

burn it

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  1. Pat Armstrong

    Thank you for sharing the photos and the very sweet but sad saga of the multiple egg hatching. That would present a problem. But your chicks are darling and the hens just beautiful. What joy. Good Luck!


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