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Happy Birthday, Paul!

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Today is Paul’s birthday and we did our best to make it a nice one for him, starting off with a lovely pancakes and sausage breakfast and presents.  Then it’s off to work for him, where he hopefully listened to some of his new cd’s.  Seeing as it’s a regular weekday the birthday festivities were basically that and the birthday dinner of his choice.  I read last year’s post on his birthday and it sounded pretty awesome.  And I remembered that cake being great so we made the same one.  Tabby and I baked it together and I have to say she is shaping up to be pretty good in the kitchen. I’m delighted that she can properly measure flour, measure baking powder herself, crack all the eggs with no shells in them, is great about washing her hands, and, of course, excels at tasting it all to make sure it’s not poison. 🙂
Happy Birthday, Paul!
The chocolate frosting is insanely delicious. This may be my go-to birthday cake. This year we put fresh raspberries on top.
Happy Birthday, Paul!
The requested dinner was steak and Trevis potatoes. I’m sure I’ve told the Trevis potatoes story before, but here it is again. When I was a child and we were houseboating one year we met a couple named Trevor and Iris at one of the islands. They were making these potatoes for their dinner on a grill. Their boat was named Trevis (see? Trevor + Iris= Trevis) and I’m pretty sure they were British. Anyway, ever since we’ve called potatoes like these “Trevis Potatoes.” You may know them by another name, but if you’ve not ever made them, oh my gosh they are the perfect summer thing. Take a potato and slice it thin-medium, trying to keep it mostly together.
Happy Birthday, Paul!
Then thinly slice an onion and insert the onions slices between the potato slices. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, dot with butter, wrap in foil, and toss on the grill for about 40-45 minutes. The parts that are a bit caramelized are the best.
Happy Birthday, Paul!
Everything was done on the grill-potatoes, steak, and even the salad. I grilled halved Romaine lettuce hearts, first brushing them with olive oil and garlic. Then I drizzled them with a little buttermilk dressing (the cake is made with buttermilk so I had it handy, for once!) All in all, delicious! And the birthday boy liked it too. And more presents after dinner!
Happy Birthday, Paul!

Happy Birthday, Paul!

Happy Birthday, Paul! I love you!

It was a very wet day, turning warm, clear, and humid.
Little Yellow & Mom
The bullfrog made an extended appearance outside the pond, letting me get quite close.
Bullfrog Hanging Out
And, the bird baby boom is not yet done at our house. It turns out that a sparrow has made her nest in our garage. Can you find it?
Baby Boom
Isn’t that a crazy spot? It turns out (we know, from seeing it happen) that the parent birds fly in and out of a small hole in the window. The nest has babies in it that make crazy sounds, though they are not visible to us. We’ve watched the parent(s) flying to the nest with things in their mouth to feed them. Wild! Our bluebird house also has some tenants (though not bluebirds.) I saw the parent going in and heard the noisy babies. Here’s the parent just sitting on top.
Baby Boom

Tomorrow I’m chaperoning my first class trip. I actually feel nervous about this! What if the kids are awful? What if it’s not fun? What if it’s awkward? What if the other chaperones are all stuck up skinny moms?? Hopefully it will just be loads of fun with Clark and his friends. One thing we’ll be seeing is a butterfly exhibit, and man do I love those. I’ll be bringing the camera for sure!


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