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Mother’s Day

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The golden haze of Mother’s Day has worn off as I write this-some children were back to being a bit fresh and snippy this morning, leading to me not being the best mother in the world. So while I’d love to write a lovey-dovey post about how awesome moms are, I may not be fully feeling it.  That said, I am grateful for my own mother and all she has taught me, and I love being a mother to my own children, challenging and frustrating as it can be at times. Hey, we’re all just doing the best we can, right? And my kids feel no shortage of love from me, even when they make me cross and cranky.

My Mother’s Day started out in the time honored old-fashioned way I love–breakfast in bed (made by the kids, always interesting, this year fairly well done!) and homemade cards. Oh how I treasure these things they make in school! I love to see what they fill in. For example, Tabby says my favorite food is “salad” (it’s not) and that I like to “rest in hammock” (which is true, but makes me sound like a slugabed.) I do love it that she said my favorite thing to do to relax is “cuddles and reads me a book” and that I am really good at “sewing.” Perhaps funniest of all is : As you can see, my mom is special because ” She loves me so much as much as she loves God!”  That is high praise from Tabby, but funny because Tabby is 200x more religious than anyone else in the family.  Clark’s fill-in says that I am the best because “she lets us have chickens, guinea pigs, dog and cat, being nice, cooking, and play wii.”  If he could give me any gift it would be “tons of money.”  (accompanied by a drawing of me with a heap of cash next to me and saying I’m rich.)

My choice for what to do on Mother’s Day was to go for a hike since it was so nice out. I wanted to go to the Sourlands, which is only about 10 minutes away, and I’ve only been there twice and Paul’s never been.
It was wonderful! A beautiful mountainous forest area that had boulders deposited all over by glaciers in the Triassic Age.  We went further in than I’d been before and it was so worth it. The kids had a great time (me too!) climbing up giant boulders and exploring.
And best Mother’s Day gift for me? No whining about the walking! Even though it was hilly, rocky, and not the easiest terrain to walk in. Everyone was terrific.  We ended up hiking for about 3 hours and going way further than we’d intended. It was great. We saw jack-in-the-pulpits,
trout lilies (recently learned from Jr. Naturalist), spring beauty, and some other wildflowers that we didn’t know what they were. And, of course, lots of obligatory mom and kids pictures.

Amazing how this is so cleanly sliced into quarters.

Taken by Clark


And here’s a lovely picture of the other mother at our house. She had a nice day, too.
Hen & Chicks


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