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2013 Garden Plan of Attack

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As you might recall from previous end of year garden wrap-ups/recommendations, I am constantly frustrated by the weeds in our garden. In early spring I dug up the garden beds a bit, removed weeds, and planted peas. Take a look at how many weeds have grown in the beds since then:
Garden Plan
What we have decided to do is remove some of the soil and weeds, and fill up the beds with leaf compost. We had a big delivery of the leaf compost today
Come on, no weeds!
and I spent the whole afternoon digging in the dirt, pulling weeds, and working in the various gardens. I’m pleased to say that it wasn’t quite as terrible as I thought. The mulching of the paths last year paid off in that it was pretty easy to pull up the tons of weeds that had grown along the fence. Once I get that new lovely leaf compost topping off the beds (tomorrow) we’ll be ready to put our seeds in. The chickens enjoyed helping me with the digging out. Although I wasn’t as zealous about dirt removal as we’d originally planned, I did just yank out weeds and toss them with lots of dirt still attached.
Garden Plan
I also used the new stuff to fill the new bed Paul built. This was also on the list of ideas from last year. I love bright summer annuals like cosmos and zinnias, but can’t really plant anything from seed except in the fenced garden-the chickens will just scratch it away. So I had Paul build a bed that is in the front yard and I’m envisioning being a beautiful big display of color in the summer. Tomorrow I will plant all the seeds and then promptly wrap fencing around the whole thing so it remains undisturbed. Once the flowers grow I’ll remove it.
New bed for annuals
In the butterfly garden things are going mostly well. After Clark’s class trip, which included a lesson on butterfly gardens, I added parsley and milkweed to the garden. These are plants that particular caterpillars eat and lay their eggs on. I also added columbine, which is attractive to hummingbirds. The hummingbird feeder has been filled and hung and we were rewarded yesterday by watching a hummingbird perch and drink in the early evening. The beautiful butterfly bush which was so big and strong last year mysteriously died. I bought two new big and lovely ones and planted one close to where the old one was, and the other one in the front of the house.
It was a tiring and productive day of gardening and I hope it all pays off! I’ll be working more this week (expected thunderstorms Thursday) to get things going.
So that was a pretty full day and then after school Clark and I went to pick up Tabby from a friend’s house and we ended up stopping at a nearby house that had a rabbit hutch out front and coming home with a new pet. I know, we’re crazy. We have a lot of animals. But, we love and care for all of them. I had guinea pigs and rabbits as a kid (and adult) and adored them. This bunny is a boy, just a little under one year old. We can’t think of a good name for him yet–any suggestions? Isn’t he cute!
Our zoo grows


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  1. Freckles! I would name him Freckles if he was my bunny! 😀

    And I don’t think you guys are crazy. I’m not sure what kind of value that judgment has, coming from a crazy cat lady, but maybe it helps a little?


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