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A Recital & A Doll Dress

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A busy and special weekend! We started off on Friday night by attending an event at Clark’s school called Empty Bowls. This is something that is done lots of places and it is too raise money for food banks. All the second graders made bowls in art class and then at the event you eat ice cream in the bowls, buy raffle tickets for the teacher made bowls, there’s a silent auction for beautiful bowls made the talented potter principal, and they also collected boxed macaroni and cheese.  All the money raised (and mac & cheese) goes to our local county food bank. I love how they’ve combined teaching caring with art, plus it was a nice event.

Saturday was the big dance recital day!
recital day
Tabby was so excited to be in her costume and at the recital. This recital is rather oversized-47 numbers and it’s almost 3 hours long.  Tabby was in two numbers-her ballet and tap ones. She did as well as the other girls, which is to say she smiled and wasn’t frightened of being on stage in front of a huge audience and was very confident, though there was lots of confusion over what steps to do. I’m actually really proud of her, as I don’t know that I would stand up there under bright lights in front of hundreds of people!She loved getting flowers afterward.
This pretty much wiped us out and we spent the rest of the day in lounge pants watching The Wizard of Oz together. Can you believe we’d never watched it as a family?

The other thing I did was make another dress for Molly.
A sundress for Molly
These doll clothes are so much fun to whip up! I’ve decided that because the shirt has a high neckline she definitely needs trim of some sort at the neck or on the front. For this one I made a little bow. I also left off the sleeves to make it a sleeveless dress and used some narrow binding to trim the armholes.
A sundress for Molly
I love the little pocket, though Tabby was disappointed it was not placed higher.Apparently she wants to put Molly’s hand in it.
A sundress for Molly
My big garden bed redo is still not done and it’s quite rainy today.  Instead I’ll be spending my afternoon doing a very rare treat-going to the movies with a friend!

Oh, and in animal news: Dumpling is a rooster. We heard him trying out his little adolescent crow this morning. Good grief. We have way too many roosters. I hope the new chicks are girls. Also, we’ve got two chicken health situations. One is the ongoing mite problem and we’re going to call some Rutgers Ag person for advice. The other is some kind of big red bulbous rear end thing that we’ve read about and it’s suggested you drain it with a syringe. Guess what? You can’t buy a syringe at the pharmacy. (Now the pharmacist probably thinks I’m a junkie because I asked.) So we’re stymied.

In other pet news Gordon is doing great. Here he is meeting Sweetie.
Black & White and White & Black


He’s really quite friendly and definitely getting used to us.


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  1. Congratulations to Tabby on being a dancing superstar!

    That picture of Sweetie and Gordon is so cute! I suspect most of our cats would be terrified of the rabbit.


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