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I Might Have Started a Doll Clothes Making Addiction

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Dressed up dollies
I made a couple more doll dresses today.  One is for Molly, the other for a Haba dolly Tabby got for Christmas.  I hadn’t considered making clothes for her, but Tabby asked if I would. We were having a lovely time playing with fabrics. Tabby sits on my sewing table and declares “I’m having an inspiration!” and then draws fashion designs of sequined pajamas and ballgowns, while I do the actual sewing and stuff. While she was doing that I was figuring out a sundress for Molly with a knit picnic fabric I had once used for Tabby. It couldn’t be matching because Tabby wore it when she was around 2. She chose a blue binding for the armholes and neck and I have to say, I’m not thrilled with the overall look. I made straps with a button decoration but velcro to close it.  I like the ruffle on the bottom, but overall it seems so bulky. American Girl dolls have cloth bodies-hence the high necklines and wide shoulder straps.  We decided that maybe this should just be her summer nightgown.
Molly's picnic dress/nightgown
For the Haba dolly (Rosie) I made a paper pattern based on her original dress. It’s a red, white, and blue dress (“Miss Victory!”) to go with Molly’s dress.
alittle dress for Rosie
Overall I think this came out great for a first try. It has just one snap holding it together in the back because I didn’t make it wide enough to overlap as much as it should have.  The neckline was also too high, so I ended up folding it down and stitching. That was kind of bummer since the bodice piece was two pieces sewn together and turned out so the seams were hidden.  It is also one piece with the sleeve part folded down to meet the center part. I was pretty pleased with how well that worked out. I really like the fabric combination and the bow button detail.
My favorite detail on this dress
They’ll be the best dressed dolls at the Memorial Day parade!

We’ve started some big landscaping projects. Well, Paul has. First up, a bunch of bricks. I don’t know why we didn’t do this when we put the patio in 8 years ago.  Since then erosion and the chickens have made all the soil and rocks around the gigantic hostas slide way down, washing away, and also covering at least 2 feet of the patio.  Check what a simple and easy, but very effective transformation this was:

More yard projects underway
Paul also got a big wood delivery for two more projects: a new treehouse, and setting off the grotto area.  Although it is less shaded, due to the loss of the hurricane trees, this area has always been very stick-y, dirt-y, and not nice to walk in, although we spend a lot of time there.  He is building a retaining wall and we’re just going to fill it with wood chips.  That way we no longer have to try to mow in there (a noisy and horrible process I never do myself) and it will be neater in appearance  In the future we may do some shade gardening in there, or make lovely little paths.
New backyard project


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  1. the bricks look really nice. I loved Rosies dress.


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