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Memorial Day Weekend

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We had a lovely Memorial Day weekend and we really enjoyed the three days off together.  On Saturday and Sunday we spent a lot of time puttering around the yard and garden.  Paul got to work on some projects I mentioned previously: a retaining wall for our hostas, starting a new treehouse, and transforming the dirt/stick area of the grotto.  This is a beautiful spot with our hammock, trees, big picnic table, and treehouse. But it’s also an area that has spotty weeds and grass, mostly sticks and dirt, is difficult to take care of. We’ve decided to just turn it into a mulched area. Perhaps in the future I’ll do some fern/coleus gardening paths. I finished off my container plantings and am very satisfied with the state of the garden. This is the best gardening time of the year-when you’re filled with nothing but optimism and dreams of glorious cutting gardens and bountiful vegetables.
Container Gardens

Pink & Purple

Pink & Purple

We also had a lot of movie fun this weekend. We took the kids to see Epic and loved it, and we also watched Herbie the Love Bug-the original one! The kids loved it. Seriously, not sure when I’ve heard them laugh out loud so much during a movie, and honestly I really enjoyed it too.

On Monday we got ready for the big parade. Paul and Clark marched in it with the Cub Scouts, while Tabby and I watched.
Miss Victory
Wish I had a great picture of Clark marching, but I’m afraid I don’t. Afterwards we had the scouts back to our house for popsicles. I’m so used to our home that I forget until other people come over for the first time that all of our animals and stuff are pretty interesting. Everyone was delighted by the bunny, chickens, bees, tire swings, rope ladders, etc.
Jumping Scouts
We’re actually pretty concerned about one of the hives-doesn’t look good and Paul is trying to figure out what’s happening.
In the afternoon we had friends over for a nice low key barbecue.

Lucy and her tonge


Hope you all had a good holiday weekend and thank you to all the brave servicemen and women and their families!


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