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A busy day of sewing, followed by one of my favorite summertime things–a stroll around in the evening to see how the garden is doing.  And, it’s doing! I spied the first pea pod
The first peapod!
(this is not a sugar snap pea-it’s a shelling pea, which means the little peas inside need to grow quite a bit before I can shell it and eat them.)
the plum tree is laden with tiny proto-plums
THe plum tree is loaded with proto-plums!

and seedlings continue to emerge
Green Bean Seedling Emerging

After a day of ridiculous weather-damp and wet in the morning, everything gross and muddy and chicken poo-y, followed by hot steamy overwhelmingly hot afternoon-the evening was quite beautiful.
Our beloved tree in golden light
We enjoyed trampolining and playing outside so much that it all ended in copious tears when we had to go in.
"the show"
Tomorrow is Tabby’s last day of preschool-not just for this year, but for good. I’m feeling pretty sentimental about it, although we are all excited to attend her program. After I dropped her off this morning I suddenly realized it and realized that this was my last morning of my lovely routine while having the house to myself. I devoted it to listening to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and sewing up a custom apron. You can see that here.
Yesterday I went to the dreaded Walmart to pick up some dog food and ended up swinging through the fabric section. Although I hate buying fabric there I couldn’t pass up the inexpensive seersucker gingham cotton. As usual, it took forever to find someone to cut and that person really didn’t know how to cut fabric at all, but I came home with a stack to make shorts.
Ready for summer
Tabby presently has no good comfy shorts and I thought they’d be ideal. Then I found out she has to wear shorts tomorrow and so the afternoon’s project presented itself. I found a pattern from last year and just guessed at making it bigger. (Oh, and the girl who couldn’t figure out how to cut or ring it up only charged me $1 for this piece of fabric, so if I messed up I didn’t care.) Shorts are only 4 simple pieces, yet I am always confused by front and back and up and down and crotch and side. After one seam error I managed to figure this out and it all worked out ok. They’re cute!
Gingham shorts
And speaking of enlarging my old patterns, I made a top for Tabby that is almost identical to one I made for her way back when she was two. It was going to be for Memorial Day, but she chose to save it for the next day. I happened to have the same polka dotted red and white fabric and just added and inch and a half to the sides.
Polka Dot Top..againI told Clark that Tabby is featuring pretty heavily in all my pictures lately, but what can I say? She’s around more and lately acts cuter. And yes, tomorrow will be all about her, too. He has a special event coming up next week with just Paul and I though, so he really can’t complain-we’re taking him to his first concert–Weird Al!!


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