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Hatching Day for the Sister Wives

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What an exciting weekend we had! Friday night the boys left for a camping trip, leaving Tabby and I have to have a fun girls’ night with Mary Lynn. Saturday was a birthday party, park with friends, third CSA pickup, and most exciting of all….chick hatching! If you’ve been following along with the chicken coop chaos, you’ll recall that two hens are nestled together in a corner of the garage-a big white hen and a tiny sebright bantam. They are sitting on about 25 eggs (and, due to the chaos, surely some of those are rather fresh.) A little black chick with a snowy white front was spotted first.
Day 2 of Hatching
Today three more chicks were spotted, including one that we watched coming out of its shell!
Day 2 of Hatching
Now, what’s so interesting here is that the two hens are still switching spots and sharing sitting on these babies. So far it seems to be Quicksilver who is the one doing all the calling and clucking to them, but the big white hen has them underneath her, too.
Day 2 of Hatching
Our chicks have two mommies–it’s either like a picture book about having a lesbian couple for parents, or like the reality show about sister wives. I did get the chance to just pick up and hold two chicks, which is how I found out that there are two different black ones. One has feathered legs, the other doesn’t. So, here’s hoping that these moms and their babies are a success and that no one falls behind a pot and dies, gets stepped on and dies, hatches a week late and dies, or makes it to two months old and then gets abruptly left outside to die by predator. They are absolutely adorable and I can’t stop going in to look at them! I’m especially taken with the one that appears to be golden, like the Mille Fleurs.
Day 2 of Hatching
Paul and Clark had a great time camping (for the most part-poor Clark suffered from some kind of neck muscle spasm, which made them only spend one night instead of two) and besides swimming the other highlight was catching a fish.
A Fish Tale
We went to a church picnic today and I baked cupcakes with 7 Minute Icing for it. It made me feel very wholesome and old-fashioned. It was the best 7 Minute Icing I’ve ever made! Able to be piled nice and high, kept its shape, not gritty at all, and gloriously super white. I put sprinkles on half and coconut on the rest.
For Father’s Day dinner we were able to have a nice bowl of peas, picked by Tabby. (along with Trevis potatoes and barbecued chicken.) This is what I call garden fresh!
mosaic farm to table
We’re facing just one more week of school-the final five days! And they are all half days, so not even too much effort. I have to say I’m really looking forward to it. Mostly so that after dinner we can do stuff and not worry about getting to bed on time.
And finally, a very happy Father’s Day to Paul. The most awesome dad my kids could ever have. He’s a treehouse builder, a reader, a mod installer (Minecraft), a Wawa milkshake buyer (seriously-in the card Clark made at school one of the special things he identified about his dad was “takes me to Wawa to buy treats my mom won’t”), a Cubmaster, a creative fixer, and an all around great guy. We all love you and appreciate you, Paul!


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