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School’s Out! Bring on Summer Fun!

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What a day, what a week! This week has been super busy trying to do end of school year things, get ready for vacation, take time to enjoy the last week of school, and cope with our crazy animal situations. It all wrapped up today with the last day of school. Second grade has been great for Clark-the end of this year has taught him the meaning of “bittersweet.” He’s excited for 3rd grade, but a little sad to leave behind his terrific class and teacher. Still, who wouldn’t jump for joy on the last day of school?
After we sent Clark off to school we had a change of carefully orchestrated plans as we had to take an emergency trip to the doctor. Tabby woke up with a red swollen face that was pretty dreadful to look at. Apparently it’s a reaction to a plant, possibly poison ivy. After a dose of prednisone she’s looking much better, but is still quite red. At least her eye is no longer insanely swelled up. Tabby squeezed in a birthday party and then it was time to meet the bus for the last time this year.
Per Clark’s celebration request I took the kids out for ice cream.
celebrating the last day of school
Then it was on to the Cub Scout Raingutter Regatta. I think this is a hilarious and fun sport. They decorate boats and race them using breath wind power.
The race

As for the chickens, I’m happy to report that the two little injured ones are no longer separated from each other. They managed to get through their barrier and seem to no longer be hurting each other.
My Peeps
They are lively and quick and sweet. I’m keeping my fingers crossed they are girls and have named them Laura and Mary. (Yes, as in Ingalls, because why not?) I’ve been very strict and stern with everyone about the bathroom door must be kept shut lest the cats get in there and hurt them. Today when we left the house we got halfway down the road when I insisted we turn back to make sure the door was shut. I was the last person in there and was so anxious I forgot. Usually those feelings are false alarms, but it turns out I had left it open. When I ran in both cats were in there. Sweetie, lying down next to the box looking in, and Liesl, sitting in the box with the chicks just watching them. “Just looking”, as we like to imagine them innocently saying. I’m still a little nervous about leaving them in the care of the housesitter, but I’m sure it will all be fine. Tabby has been so great about these chicks-both loving, singing them songs about getting better, and matter-of-fact–observing and reporting when the two other chicks died. Maybe she’s FFA material!
Hopped onto Tabby's arm all by herself
Meanwhile, outside the two mothers continue to adorably co-parent. They’ve taken the babies out and are no longer sleeping in the garage. They haven’t quite made it into the coop, but are sleeping underneath it (they still get fenced in.) Inside the coop I decided to get rid of all eggs as soon as I saw the broody hen get off her nest this morning. Friends, I have been responsible for handling many gross, icky things around our house. I have taken care of several of our dead chickens. I have cleaned up wounds and poop. But there is one thing I don’t have the stomach for. And when I saw it (starts with the letter “m”) I had to run away gagging and turn the entire task over to Paul. It was like a horror scene in that nesting box.  Later in the day I sprayed it down with diluted bleach. So, we’re at our fresh start of no old eggs laying around, all eggs to be collected every day.Little Feet
Happy Summer to you! And many thanks for all the kind words and encouragement as we dealt with this chick hatching crisis!


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  1. Happy summer to Clark! And happy recovery from poison ivy to Tabby. 😀

    And I’ll bite — what was in the nesting box? I’m dull-witted this morning and can’t figure it out. 😛


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