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What a Difference a Week Makes

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One of the best things about going away is coming back. And for once we arrived home not at night, but in the early afternoon, so we had plenty of light and time to check on the garden and animals. We were so happy to see everyone again. Liesl clearly missed us and has been very affectionate.  Gordon was happy to come inside and run and leap and hop. The two baby chicks are bouncing around the yard with their moms, and the two indoor chicks…are healed and doing great! In one week Laura’s neck healed and grew feathers.  Both chicks have gotten bigger and have little wings with feathers.  They look like they are going to grow up to be very pretty.
What a difference a week makes-the chicks
I wish we could let them be outside because their sheltered existence seems a real drag in comparison to the babies who get to eat bugs, run through grass, and see other chickens. However, they wouldn’t survive on their own and the moms wouldn’t take them now.
What a difference a week makes-the chicks
In the beehives the hive that was doing poorly is now done. Paul says it isn’t filled with dead bees, so perhaps they left and we can think of them living somewhere else. The other hive is doing so well he had to add another part to it for them to start making honey for themselves!

The garden apparently grew like gangbusters in our absence.  The tomato plants are crazy big and I clearly did plant them much too close together.  Plants that are not covered in blossoms have tomatoes already growing.
The butternut squash is like a huge octopus with tentacles snaking across to the other bed.  I need to do quite a bit of weeding (and still need to mulch that butterfly garden!) but it’s raining and thundering today.  The lettuce looks ready to eat and the peas could probably be taken out. Everything seems to have a flower on it.
So many things started blooming-clematis, the hot pink thing in the butterfly garden, hydrangea, and coneflower- and so many things have buds-cosmos, zinnias, butterfly bushes, and gladiola. We also discovered that a decorative bird house Clark made now has a bird’s nest in it. So many fun things to discover after being away!

mosaic june 13

Cape May has not just beautiful houses, but also beautiful cottage seashore gardens everywhere. Bright blue hydrangeas, tall and lovely daisies, yellow and orange lilies, and all sorts of things. It made me inspired to fill up my front garden’s spaces with daisies at the very least, and possibly more perennials. Ditto the butterfly garden.


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  1. awesome little chickens they are cute, and if you don’t watch it the plants will over take you, lol.


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