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Happy 4th of July!

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Happy 4th of July!
Happy Independence Day, everyone! Although I have fond memories as a kid of some awesome pig roasts and big bbq’s my family had, it’s become a fairly mellow holiday for us. Mostly due to Clark’s birthday being on the 5th.  This year we did have plans to go to a friend’s house in the afternoon.  We spent the hot morning working in the garden and garage. It turns out that the torrential rains that occurred here while we were on vacation so saturated the ground that our garage got a bit flooded. In 10 years that has never happened! While Paul worked hard at removing everything, raking out hay, filling garbages (people reading this who’ve ever seen in our garage can imagine what a chore this was) I was getting some gardening tasks done.  I finally weeded the butterfly garden and added new mulch to it.  It’s looking a little sparse to me and I think I need to add some new perennials to it.
Post weeding/refreshing
I did a little weeding in the front and while I think it looks good I think it needs an infusion of color.  I have so many big peonies that when they are done blooming they are just big dark green shrubs, basically.  I’d like to get some nice shasta daisies in there and some coreopsis.  I’m happy to report that the flower garden I started from seed in the new box in the front yard is just starting to bloom. I can’t wait until it’s a riot of color.
The baby chicks are doing great.  We put them outside today so they could enjoy some fresh air.  Once the garage is fixed up we’ll put their cage out there, too.  They are already adept little flyers and climbers, happy to perch on a shoulder or arm, and not afraid to fly off.
(kind of a weird picture of me-Tabby took it with my phone, also I was dirty and hot from gardening.)
Yesterday I made blueberry jam with the Jersey blueberries.  Last year I was disappointed in my jam as it was a)too sweet and b) too syrupy.  My sister in law has consistently good blueberry jam so I asked her which recipe she used. She recommended the Sure-Jell low sugar recipe, so used that.  I definitely got the flavor I was looking for, though the firm set it quite a bit firmer than I’m used to.  That’s ok, though, as I’m sure it will be just fine on toast.
Blueberry Jam
Finally, today is the birthday of Nibbles & Blackie! (also, my friend Perri’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Perri!!) I wish I had staged them in a nice birthday scene with presents and party hats, but the fact is I forgot all about it until Clark mentioned it in the evening. So we just took this picture instead. Can you believe in 1 year they grew up, had babies, and grew up even more?
Happy Birthday, Nibbles & Blackie!
We caught a nice fireworks show from our front porch (seriously-thank you, strangers, across the road who put on a professional show in your backyard every year), saw lots of beautiful lightning bugs, and now it’s time to wrap presents and bake cupcakes for the main event of Clark’s year.  I can’t believe he’ll be 8 tomorrow!


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