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Happy 8th Birthday, Clark!

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Today Clark turned 8. No doubt about it, he’s not a little kid anymore.  Which of course makes me feel all bittersweet and nostalgic, but today was a day of celebration and fun and I hope he’ll always remember this as a great birthday.  He woke very early and very excited.  We do presents right away at breakfast (with a few saved for nighttime so you still have something to look forward to), so we headed downstairs.  The first present he opened was from Tabby–bacon.  She was so excited to have thought of that on her own as the gift she wanted to give him, and he loves bacon, so he was tickled pink by it.
Tabby got Clark bacon for his birthday. He loved it.
We cooked it up for breakfast along with homemade buttermilk waffles (which were fantastic, if I say so myself!)
Birthday breakfast: homemade buttermilk waffles and bacon

He loved all his presents-a Playmobil submarine he’s been longing for, Crazy Cubes (whatever they are!), a few other things, and a Worst Case Scenario book called Survive-o-pedia. He loved this book so much and read it all day long, spouting out bits of information to us. In the afternoon we went to the park with friends and had pizza and cupcakes. It was super hot out and once a new video game was presented we headed home so he and his friend could play. We had a little photo fun with a smile stick I bought while on vacation.
Smile and the whole world smiles with you

and clearly I had fun making mosaics out of them:
More Birthday Smiles
For the birthday dinner he requested, without hesitation, his favorite dinner-chili. Not my first choice for a hot summer’s day, but we had the air conditioning going and it was good.
It was 100 degrees today and his birthday dinner of choice was hearty chili
One of the things we gave him was a camera, a real camera, of his very own. This was very generously handed down to us by friends (who amazingly keep all the original packaging-so neat and tidy!). We were going to give it to him at Christmas but decided to wait. He’s been pretty interested lately in taking pictures with my camera and doing a great job, so the timing was great for now. He was so proud to get a good camera and after dinner we did a little photo walk.
Taking Simultaneous pictures of each other

The young photographer frames his subject
Instead of cake (because we’ll be having that when he has a sleepover next week) we had ice cream sundaes for dessert.
A birthday sundae
His wishes came true when he opened his gift from his grandmother:
Yes! Grandma got me what I wanted sooo much!
I have to say, he is very satisfying to give gifts to-gets so excited, so happy, and loves them. He stayed up late assembling and playing with the amazing Playmobil Western set and can’t wait to get up in the morning and put together the Spitfire model airplane. I hope that when he’s 18, 28, 38 and more he keeps that same enthusiasm for the things he loves and is still able to spin a story like he does about the Playmobil guys. We love you, Clark! I hope your birthday wish comes true.


Finally, I took a couple pictures today that I noticed at the end of the day were very similar. I guess this is his favorite go-to photo pose!
Apparently Clark has a go-to birthday face pose


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  1. Happy Birthday Clark, love the Tabby bacon gift.
    Lovely post Sarah, touching and funny, thanks for sharing

    • Thank you for reading and the nice comments! I told CLark an internet friend in England said Happy Birthday and he liked that very much 🙂

  2. Happy birthday, Clark, from somewhere not as exciting as England! 😀

    This post is so sweet. Also, you know who would flip for Western Playmobil? Boomer. She’s going to be really jealous when she hears that was one of Clark’s gifts!


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