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A Minecraft Birthday and Surprises in the Garden

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Over the weekend Clark had a small birthday party that was part sleepover.  For this birthday celebration I made his special cake, which this year was a Creeper. If you don’t know what a creeper is then you probably don’t have a boy in your house (or read the ThinkGeek catalog.)  It’s very blocky and pixelated so the overall shape of the cake would be easy-just a matter of frosting it in little squares of shades of grey/green.  Paul and I worked on decorating it together and I think it came out great.  For the dark face we used crumbled Oreos.
ssss  happy birthday
And then, because we had extra cake and because no Minecraft is complete without just blowing up stuff with all your TNT, we made some TNT blocks to light with birthday candles.
sssssss Happy Birthday
The birthday boy and his friends loved it. The evening also included a treasure hunt that involved following my riddle clues all around the yard until discovering the treasure-super soakers.
Birthday Treasure Hunt
Then a big long super soaker fight (mind you, it had been off and on raining and hot the whole time), pizza, a movie, and then when the movie was over and it was dark…outside backyard laser tag! This may have been as equally exciting for Paul and I as when he bought this laser tag this was exactly what he’d envisioned-a summer night, boys running around, red lights flickering, and much fun. Overall it was successful and fun.

This weather has been crazy-very hot, weird storms-things are growing like crazy.  I went into the garden tonight and discovered:yellow peppers, a lot of jalapeno peppers, a tiny pepper bush with lots of tiny peppers, a giant zucchini, and 8 eggs.  The eggs were quite a surprise. But who can blame a hen for going in there as the butternut squash plants are creating a jumbo umbrella of shade and privacy.

Lush Garden
Earlier this week we harvested our first tomato and zucchini.  The first tomato meant BLTs with lettuce from the garden, too. Unfortunately the lettuce was bitter, so we all picked it off. And, I say BLT, but really there were BLs, LTs, BLATs (a for avocado) as well.  The zucchini was sauteed and added to the last of the frozen sauce of last year’s tomatoes.
The first harvest
Tonight we had wonderful and exciting after dinner bird watching--two hummingbirds! Not only did they repeatedly visit the feeder, but they also kept returning to the same spot in a nearby tall tree. Could there be a nest there?

The chickens are returning to their spunky selves (except for Big Silk and Old Mother) and Laura and Mary have been getting lots of time outdoors. I made them a new pen today and they promptly escaped it and spent the afternoon in the chicken coop area.  They’re still easy to catch and didn’t roam far, so that was ok.  I think they are going to grow up to be beauties, don’t you?
Growing up fast

It’s hot-stay cool!
Pool Fun


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