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One Hot Week

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I know it’s boring to talk about the weather, but honestly how could one not remark on the heat this week?? Every day a scorcher.  I can’t remember when when we last had our air conditioning on this many consecutive days! I’ve brought Gordon in every day to hang out in the cooler air and even Pippin has stayed inside all day long.
Gordon Checks out Pippin
We also spent this week doing Vacation Bible School every day in the morning.  This year my friend Jen was running it and my friend Megan and I were in charge of running the games.  We actually had a really good time doing it and the kids had a great time all week long.  The minister at this church is so good with kids and such a good sport.  All week long the kids brought in change to donate to a local food bank.  On the final day they had raised over $400 and the minister dressed up as a knight to deliver the check.  They filmed him doing it and then showed us the video. All three of us were pretty tired every day and it felt great to sleep in a bit today.
Chicken Update: turns out Droopy Butt was not one of the killed hens as she is still with us, and still terribly droopy.  Old Mother Hen is very fragile and slow. We keep thinking she’s dead, but she’s just asleep in the middle of paths and such.  She is so light she weighs as much as one of the chicks.  I was holding her today and her breast bone was sticking out. She seems to be made of air and feathers.  So, we pamper her and are sweet to her and I don’t think she has much longer left, but you can’t feel sad about it because dying of old age when you’re a chicken has got to be kind of awesome.
Tabby and Old Mother Hen
Speaking of the young ones, I heard an adorable, if irritating sound the other morning–crowing from one of the little black chicks. How can it be old enough to crow and then turn around and still be peeping?? It was a very cute sound, but grr! to more roosters.
Things are getting great with the CSA and with our own garden. Just now I discovered many ripe golden tomatoes (I forget the name of the variety)
the tomatoes are ripening!
and another jumbo zucchini. I swear, that dark green is the best camouflage.
the tomatoes are ripening!
I never notice them until they are very big! My plan is to make a bunch of baked goods from my blueberries and zucchinis for the freezer in the next couple days. I also can’t wait to make a Smitten Kitchen recipe for a Zucchini Ricotta Galette, that I saw via Flickr.
Our farm share this week had everything you could want for bruschetta or salsa, though I opted to make pizza dough and then chop up and dump everything onto it. Delicious!
Farm Share Pizza




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