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Popsicles, Samosas, & Tomatoes

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It’s practically August and I’ve finally made myself the summer purse I wanted to.  I made this pattern for my friend a few months and wanted to try it again.  I had bought home dec weight fabric just before summer started with grand plans for various totes and purses.  I loved these popsicles but thought they were too silly for a purse, but changed my mind and I’m glad I did!
Popsicle Purse
I think they look delightful and I like the pink I chose for a lining.
Popsicle Purse
I had better success this time lining up the magnetic closure, but not such great success making the top band of the lining and the exterior be the exact same size.  Consequently I had to do a couple of gathers on the outside.  I’m really not sure how to prevent that since I thought I was extra careful.

Although I have a million sewing projects in progress or waiting to be started, I did a spontaneous one yesterday and today. I had seen this “samosa purse” tutorial on Sew Mama Sew and wanted to give it a try. What I especially liked about it was making scrappy blocks.
Samosa Purse
It was so much fun that I could easily see myself doing a whole quilt of scrappy, made up as you go, blocks.
Samosa Purse
I really have no idea how this all worked and had to be very careful following the instructions. I ended up doing one step wrong and having to remove one small seam, but that wasn’t too bad. I used some lovely grey wide twill tape I had to make the loop for your wrist.
Samosa Purse
This was much larger than I thought it would be and I’m not exactly sure when you might use this, but I think it’s darling. I intended to surprise my sister in law with it, and even chose the colors with her in mind, but one seam has a little opening that I don’t think I can repair, so I’ll likely keep it for myself. Which gives me the chance to make another one!
p.s. the tutorial said you could make one in an hour, but with all of my whiny interruptions and getting up every 5 minutes it really took me much, much longer than that.

The tomatoes are coming in great. Lots of cherry tomatoes to harvest, but unfortunately all the big tomatoes keep getting partially eaten. I’m pointing the finger at assorted chickens who may be flying over the fence to get in. Grrrr. Here’s what I picked yesterday:
A Day's Harvest
And today I did my favorite thing with it-roasted it up with garlic cloves and olive oil, then added basil. I roasted at a very high temperature and these got so caramelized and sweet and sugary that even a self professed tomato hater like me could have just eaten it with a spoon. We had it tossed with pasta, chicken sausage, and local corn and it was heavenly. You could also have that mixture on bread, grilled meats, pizza dough, etc. and it freezes well, to.
Garden Fresh!

Garden Fresh!

In animal news Paul built a wonderful little outdoor run for Gordon. We got the idea for this shape from a kids’ book about rabbits (they called it a “grazing ark.”) I wish we’d made this years ago because it is the perfect portable enclosure for chicks, the guinea pigs, or any chickens that would need isolation. I thought he’d be so excited to run around and kick and stretch and also eat grass and clover, but mostly Gordon seems a little freaked out by it-very tense from the openness and all the sounds. He also has a tendency to dig at the edge in what I assume is an attempt to escape. I’m not sure how quickly he could actually burrow out (and why does he want to? It’s so much more spacious than his hutch), but for now when he is in it we keep an eye on him. We’ve also put a guinea pig out there to enjoy nature as well. This picture is from his first time testing it out. Today it was in a different location and I put a flower pot in there (only thing I could find) in case he wanted something to hide in.
Gordon's fun run

We've decided it's easier to just cage the children

About a million things went wrong today, but I do feel good that I sewed two projects I’m pleased with, and dinner was fantastic (although when I pulled the roasting pan out of the oven I grabbed it in a top heavy way and couldn’t lift it and dome of the delicious tomato-corn stuff fell on the floor, causing me to shout “Why is everything going wrong today????”) And here’s something else nice:
Tiger Swallowtail on a cosmo


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