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Yard Sale Jackpots

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This weekend is our town’s town-wide yard sale. I love a good town wide yard sale and my friend Mary Lynn joined us. The thing about yard sales is you just never know what you’ll find. Maybe something great, maybe just crap. But when you do find something good for a fair price, isn’t it so exciting? The four yard sale treasures I’ve gotten in the past that still have and use and were the best things ever are: a big orange and yellow and blue flowered metal tin for 25 cents at a church rummage sale (that Mary Lynn and I were visiting on our way in to work one summer day) which I use all the time for cookies; a cast iron red enameled Christmas tree stand, which was so heavy to carry home but I’ve had for 10 years and love (Metuchen town wide yard sale); a very large orange enameled cast iron dutch oven (Metuchen town wide yard sale, I forget how much I paid, but not much); and for no more than a couple dollars a big rubber alligator/dinosaur movie making mask that completely goes over your head that we’ve all worn and scared people with many, many times. Today turned out to be a day of awesome finds, too.

    • In the library’s book sale I got a Richard Scarry Busy Day book (copyright 1974) that is for coloring, cutting out, and doing all kinds of wonderful activities. Mary Lynn remembers coloring in the whole book when she was a kid and loving it. I hope Tabby enjoys doing the activities in it. (50 cents)

Yard sale treasures

    • A wooden salad bowl and four bowls gotten at an estate sale, set a bit apart from the other yard sales. I’ve always wanted a nice wooden salad bowl and this is a good solid one. $12 for the set! And it was totally fascinating to poke around in the house and get a sense of the people that lived there.
    • A plastic Santa Claus. I’ve recently started admiring these vintage-y Santas, but haven’t found an affordable one or one I liked. This was $5! Couldn’t beat that, and totally serendipitous.

yard sale euphoria

    • A jumbo bag of buttons. Unmarked, I offered $2 and she took it.  I just can’t resist a button bag.  Once sorted out this had an astonishing number of very lightweight plastic, fake jeweled buttons in it.  Obviously I need to make some kind of pirate/royalty costume. These will come in hand for crafting/costuming. There were many, many of these medusa type buttons. I wonder what they were originally used for?

Yard sale treasures

  • The elusive yard sale jackpot–a box of Legos.  I bought these not for us, but for my friend who’s been hoping to come across some.  They are difficult to find (at least around here), presumably because Legos don’t go out of style, don’t wear out, and are a well loved and practical toy.  The most expensive item we bought today at an appropriately priced $15.
  • I’ve rarely had yard sale success with clothes, but one lady was selling quite a few really nice clothes from a store Tabby and I like for her, so I got her several dresses for fall/next year.
  • The kids also bought various treasures like Polly Pocket clothes, Bakugans, and novelty items for dimes, quarters, or even for free because people were happy to get stuff out of their houses and give them to sweet children.

Poor Paul was the only person who didn’t get any good treasures, but the rest of us were thrilled with the success of our outing. And hopefully next year we will actually sell stuff of our own.


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  1. Great collection of buttons. Those Medusa ones are very interesting. LOL!!!


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