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Summer’s Not Over Yet

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What a great way to (almost) end our summer. Today we all went tubing on the Delaware. If you’re not from around here: the Delaware River is the boundary between Pennsylvania and New Jersey and is a lovely river. Very pleasant to tube and float down, canoe and kayak, and so on. I’ve been tubing a couple of times, but not for many years.  Today was a great day for it-hot and sunny, very pleasant.  I have only memories of pictures because no camera. We were simply in the tubes in our bathing suit. There are a couple of different places you can go and they bus you and provide the tubes and life jackets. We had a half price coupon we were using, which also included a meal at “the Hot Dog Man“. This is a food stand set up in, literally, the middle of the river. A flat rocky spot that is enough out of water to put your tubes there, but then you walk over to the stand in the water. I have to say, sitting in the middle of the river eating a cheeseburger under a brilliant blue sky was pretty awesome. As was bouncing through some little rapids.  The rapids are very small and nothing to be frightened of and yet, Paul fell out once, Clark almost fell out, and I got stuck on a rock. But it was all a wonderful time and of course we got ice cream afterward.

At home we continue to take care of the last little chick on her own.  We’ve tried several times to “trick” the mother hen into accepting it, but always ends up pecking, so it will be raised by us.  And, as you can see, she likes us.
The Littlest Chick
I was lying on the ground watching her (my inclination is to say “him”, but I’m hoping that if I say “her” enough it will grow up to be a hen, not a rooster!) and she just ran over to me and jumped onto my arm to hang out in the safe shelter of my head. And yesterday with Tabby:
Fresh air for the little chick

The Littlest ChickI don’t think I mentioned here the recent canning I did-Tomato Corn Salsa.  I made this last year and found it so tasty that I immediately knew it wouldn’t be enough for the winter, and it was not.  This time I made a full recipe (5 lbs tomatoes, a dozen ears of corn) and it made up 10 jars. That should last for plenty of nachos and taco in the upcoming year.  One jar did not seal, so I happily used that tonight in our Mexican lasagna.  The salsa has quite a bit of vinegar and sugar in it, so it has a wonderful tang.
Corn Salsa

Finally, we got a new fountain/filter for the pond and are so happy to have an actual spouting fountain in it. And I think we’re not the only ones:
Waiting to be kissed


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