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I was so excited to successfully grow butternut squash in our garden this year. It’s my favorite of the squashes. I bought the seedlings from the previous owner of Gordon and the plants really took off. Actually, I expected more squashes for how many blossoms and how big the plants were, but maybe next year. I’ve harvested about 4 or 5 and couldn’t wait to taste the first one. When I cut into it I was delighted by the bright orange color: “just like a real squash!”
Butternut Squash-from my own garden!
I diced the squash and roasted it with salt and pepper and olive oil. Then, tossed with orrechiette, bacon, fresh thyme, freshly grated parmesan, and wonderfully well toasted hazelnuts. It was wonderful! (If I had grown sage this year I absolutely would have added that in, as well.)
Butternut Squash-from my own garden!

Unlike last year I am having a bumper crop of blackberries. Because they don’t ripen all at once I’ve simply been picking and freezing daily. Since I don’t especially enjoying eating many blackberries straight off the bush I knew that most of these would be headed for jam. I used the Blackberry Lemon Preserves recipe over at Local Kitchen Blog. Just 3 ingredients-blackberries, lemon, and sugar. Given that I often think they are too tart I was a bit apprehensive about this recipe. And also wish I’d read the end note that said to feel free to add some more sugar before I’d finished. Oh well. I was also prepared to make this recipe on a Friday morning and read the recipe over only to see that Step 1 read “Day 1.” oops. So I started it on Saturday and then didn’t make it on Day 2, but waited all the way until Monday to prepare it. Doesn’t seem to have harmed it at all.
Anyway, lots of boiling and it did eventually become syrupy and a beautiful color with a very nice aroma. I made six little jars (figuring if it was sour I’d rather have a small jar open than a big one, plus wee ones are adorable for gift giving.)
Blackberry Lemon Jam
It fit exactly so the only taste test I was able to do was a lick of the pot afterward, which was quite tasty. Looking forward to tasting this on a biscuit some snowy January morning and remembering the sunny days of August when these were ripe on the bramble.
Blackberry Lemon Jam


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  1. So much garden bounty! I love that feeling of getting something out of the garden and being like, “It’s just like a real [vegetable]!” Your squash is fantastic, and the dish you made with it sounds awesome. (And those jams! So gorgeous and will totally be wonderful on a blustery winter’s day.)


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