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My goodness it’s been a while since my last post.  Chickens are well, kids doing fine at school, garden still spitting out a few tomatoes, bees doing great in their new hive, and I’ve been completely re-inspired to get sewing. First up, I did make another samosa purse. This one for a friend who requested a blue and yellow color scheme.  I adore blue and yellow together and had a lot of fun making up the blocks and fussy cutting a few pieces.
Blue & Yellow Samosa Purse for Pookie
Then I went a little overboard with the quilting and quilted the yellow fabrics with yellow, the blue with blue, and did different patterns in each little piece.
Blue & Yellow Samosa Purse for Pookie

Blue & Yellow Samosa Purse for Pookie
I love how it came out and she was thrilled with it. I made this one a tiny bit bigger than the previous ones, as I knew she’d be using it to put in her gym bag to carry a lock, ipod, headphones, and keys.
Blue & Yellow Samosa Purse for Pookie

Making this really made me want to get started on a quilt I’m calling the Scrappy Prism Quilt. Using the same technique of random piecing of little bits and scraps and cutting to size, I’m going to make a square of each color of the rainbow. And then put them against a white background to make a quilt. So far I’ve made red and orange, with scraps chosen for yellow and green.
let the Scrappy Prism Quilt begin!
I’m not sure how many squares I’ll ultimately be making. Definitely light blue, dark blue, and purple, but maybe red/orange, orange/yellow, yellow/green, and green/blue?? Probably not, but it’s an idea. Anyway, I love how the red and orange came out.
let the Scrappy Prism Quilt begin!

rOy g biv

rOy g biv

This is just how I imagined it-the square being one color, but fractured, like light through a prism. And, because it’s a scrap quilt it has the added fun of looking at a block and seeing different fabrics and remembering their original use!

Now, on to another quilt that has been in the works for a couple of years. The past two weeks have been busy days of actually getting the top done-finally! When it’s all done I’ll detail the process, but in short this design is made up and was fairly labor intensive as it uses rectangles that are different lengths and widths, and the fussy cut robots are different heights. I’m pretty thrilled with how it came out. The orange zigzags are just the way I wanted them, the blue and orange are bright and vibrant, I think it looks modern, and Clark really loves it (it’s for him.)
Robot Quilt Progress
The back is flannel and I’ll be putting on an applique on the back once it is quilted.
Robot Quilt Progress
Yesterday my mother and I basted the whole thing, so all that’s left is the quilting and the binding.
Robot Quilt Progress
I’m so pleased he will actually have this done for this winter! It has felt great to get back to sewing, and even though I have some clothes I want to sew, the lure of those rainbow squares is so great that I’m sure I’ll be putting together the yellow block today and tomorrow.


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  1. Wow Sarah you have been so busy sewing, I love your scrappy prism blocks. They are so colourful and will look great in a quilt. The robot quilt is adorable. One lucky little boy will love it for sure. Happy sewing. Cheers Linny


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