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September Saturdays

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These September weekends have been so beautifully Septembery-bright blue skies, warm sunny days, little white puffy clouds. It’s been truly lovely.  We’ve been spending our Saturday mornings at our town park while both kids have soccer games. Tabby even scored two goals last week! This afternoon we went apple picking. Apple picking in September and pumpkin picking in October have become such looked forward to and enjoyed rituals of autumn for us. And it seems to be the same for most families.  Yet, when I was a kid we never did these things. Did they just not exist? Or had farmers not caught on that you could charge people a lot to pick their own produce because it’s a happy family outing and people love pictures of their kids with apples and pumpkins and they can pull in a good income with that? Or did my mom and dad just not want us to have autumnal fun? Either way, it’s definitely a tradition for us.
Apple Picking!

Apple Picking!

Apple Picking!
We enjoyed the hay ride into the orchard and then worked our way through a few varieties.  I can never get over how thickly the apples grow together, and also how some of the trees are basically just vertical. I mean, some of these apple clusters looked like grapes they were so clustered.
Apple Picking!
The thing about apple picking is that you could easily pick what you want in, like, 3 minutes.  The trick is to stretch it out but not ending up with 5 bushels of apples. We almost filled 3 baskets, which ended up costing quite a bit.
Apple Picking!
I don’t mind though because not only did we have a wonderful time, but I know that we will also use them all. I will make and freeze my own applesauce, and I will also make and can cinnamon apples.  Tabby especially loves these and, in fact, we just finished the last jar from last year this week. Of course we had to have cider and donuts, and when we got home I got to work on an apple pie.
Apple Picking!
Clark has been asking for one for a couple of weeks, so he was pretty excited.  Homemade apple pie, fresh and warm from the oven with apples we picked ourselves just a few hours ago-the perfect fall dessert!
Apple Picking!
And, not related to apple picking, but I”ll throw it in here-last night Tabby and I went to a basket weaving program through the parks and rec department.  Together we made this charming little basket.  Bead design and reed colors were all her choices.  She had some difficulty getting the knack of the actual weaving, but she did participate and is super proud of her finished product. It was a nice evening together!
Basket Weaving

Basket Weaving


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  1. Love your apple picking picking photos. The trees were laden with apples. Funny here in my Southern Hemishere garden my we are excited about our first apple blossoms on our 2 trees. You are picking the fruit up in the Northern Hemisphere. Enjoy lots of apple pie. I think I can smell them baking. 🙂

    • It’s so funny that you mention that because even though I know logically the seasons are reversed I only ever really translate that to :It’s summertime at Christmas. I never really thought about the other parts of the year. So just think, your pretty apple blossoms are on their way in just a few months to being picked and turned into pie!


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