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A Scrap Quilt is a Remembrance Quilt

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Roy G.
Today I finished the yellow and green blocks for my scrappy prism quilt.  Because it’s a scrap quilt I’m finding it’s such a pleasure to look at all the little pieces and remember what the original fabric was used for.  Here’s the finished yellow block:
Yellow Block, complete!
This little piece of a white design on yellow (on the left, halfway down)was all I had left of the original fabric. I loved it and maybe it was just a fat quarter from Joann’s, but I used it in my pincushion sewing caddy. I love that I found a way to use that last little bit. And the sunflower design is from the black and yellow dress I made for Tabby last year for the first day of school. And the buzzing bees are from a top I made Tabby when I had just started sewing clothes for her when she was a toddler.
Yellow Block, complete!

In the orange block I will look at the big flower and remember it came from my aunt from St. Croix, the hexagons from Clark’s robot quilt, the spaceship from his quilt, the polka dots from so many projects, and the strip on the far right from the coordinating tops I made for me and Tabby.  Of course, many of these scraps are leftover from aprons, such as the little orange slices.
rOy g biv

In the red square I will remember making Tabby a polka dotted top not once, but twice, the little dogs from the reproduction fabric my sister-in-law gave me as a gift and which I used in my back to school harvest quilt, the stars from a nautical red white and blue baby quilt, and also from the Memorial Day doll outfits, and there’s a bit in there from a top I made for myself, too.
let the Scrappy Prism Quilt begin!

I finished the green square today and it has a few more fussy cut pictures than some of the other squares. I was also a little worried because more so than the other colors I was trying to figure out if I wanted to combine my two different green tones (a yellow green versus the blue greens).  This batch of scraps also featured more “extra” colors than just green (like the blue background of the apple.)  I wasn’t sure about that, but  did decide to just use them all and I’m pleased with the result.
Green block-complete!

In here I’ve got fabrics from my prize winning apron, the first apron I ever made, and a pretty bird that was on a lovely fabric I used to make a jewelry roll and some other things. We’ve also got scraps in here from some fat quarters used to make American Girl doll clothes.
I like the way this is coming along and next up will be blue and purple blocks. I think I do want to have separate light and dark blue blocks and I’m still completely up in the air about how these will be arranged. For now I am happy to just putting together these bits and pieces.
Roy G.

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  1. Your blocks are looking great. I loved reading the stories behind your pieces of fabric. A quilt to cherish for all time. 🙂

    • Thank you! I figure it will be a good way to keep a little piece of those fabrics I was sad to see all used up and gone. And I just love having it prompt memories.

  2. Very, very nice – I have some of that fabric with the bees too! I used part of it in a fabric book for my sister’s granddaughter.


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