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Girls’ Weekend

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This weekend Paul and Clark went on a Cub Scout camping trip.  And, while I love camping and the pictures and stories sounded great and made me wish we had gone too, it was fun for Tabby and I to have a weekend to ourselves (and, likewise, I’m sure fun for them to have a weekend without us.) I will say that before they left Paul and I had an awesome Friday night seeing Richard Thompson perform at the McCarter Theater.  Paul has seen him many times, this was our 3rd time together (he plays there every year.) It was a great show and this time we had really terrific seats that let me see for the first time, up close, that he is an amazing guitarist and I couldn’t get over watching his fingers fly all over.  It was a solo acoustic show.  If you’re not familiar with him, have a listen to his beautiful song,Beeswing. So, on to Saturday. The boys left for their camping trip, and Tabby and I went to soccer where I got to see her score a goal!! Very exciting.  Then a stop in at our PTO Consignment sale where we found a true hidden treasure. A plastic box with saran wrap on top labeled “Old dolls and clothes”.  The dolls looked pretty creepy, but for $3 I couldn’t wait to get a look at the clothes in there. True treasure! I think all these outfits were handmade and very reminiscent of my Jill doll’s wardrobe (made by my grandmother.)
an excellent pig in a poke
Check out that harvest festival jumpsuit! We had so much fun playing with them. Then we headed out to the county Arboretum for a celebration they were having, which included looking at all of the scarecrows that people had submitted. Here was Paul’s entry:
Tabby with Paul's entry
I hope people voted for his, though there were lots of very creative and good entries. My mom joined us and we had a nice time exploring the arboretum.

Our big evening plans were dinner and a movie and believe it or not I fell asleep for most of the movie (which was a bummer because we were watching The Secret World of Arietty, which is awesome.) In the morning I took her out to breakfast at a diner where we sat at the counter, which made it seem extra special. A fun weekend!

The leaves are turning all of a sudden and it’s beautiful autumn views all over the place. They just cut the hay in the field we look out on and this year they did circular hay bales, which make it even more picturesque.
Autumn View


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  1. What a lovely weekend! And how exciting it must have been to find that box of doll clothes! I would have jumped at it, too, even without knowing what size they might be. So neat!

  2. The dolls clothes are adorable. It sounds like an ideal girly weekend. 🙂

  3. So because of this post I looked up Richard Thompson and found out he wrote one of my favorite Bonnie Raitt songs, The Dimming of the Day. (Allison Krauss also covered it.) And now I am resolved to go hear him at McCarter next year if he returns!


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