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Let’s Go, Girl Scouts!

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A few days ago Tabby and I had her first Daisy meeting.  As I’ve mentioned before, being a Girl Scout was really important to me and pretty much my main activity.  I started as a Brownie and continued right on up until I graduated high school, and I even did a Canadian wilderness adventure called a “Wider Opportunity.”  I don’t know that when I was doing it I perceived it as so important, but in retrospect I definitely see that it was.  Tabby has been pretty excited about getting join when she started kindergarten and I signed up to be a leader.

I was very nervous and excited about the meeting, and very tired when it was over 🙂  The girls seemed to have a good time, even though a lot of our first meeting was just learning the different parts of it.  The girls decorated petals to go on the kaper chart.  After looking at lots of examples via google images, this is what Jen, my co-leader, and I came up with.  It tells you everyone’s role for each meeting.
Daisy Kaper Chart
At the end of our meeting I had a little treat for everyone.  Yes, it was a little over the top, but Tabby and I had fun decorating them, and why not have a sweet little bribe for all the girls? 🙂
A Daisy for a Daisy

I’m really hoping we all have a fun year together and that the girls love being a Girl Scout!

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