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Happy 6th Birthday, Tabitha!

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Someone is 6 today
Six years old! I can hardly believe our sweet little round faced redheaded baby is a big girl of six. Yesterday was her actual birthday as well as the day of her party, which meant a non stop day of birthday prepping and celebrating, and leaving us exhausted at the end. (Seriously, how did a 2 hour party that was entirely outside leave me tired and the inside of my house a mess???)

The morning began with the birthday breakfast of choice–scones and scrambled eggs-and presents.  She loved everything and was super happy.  I have to put in a plug for the Rosie Flo coloring books.  These are heavy duty books with surreal and whimsical drawings-but all missing the arms and legs and faces of the people.  I bought one for myself and she’s always wanting to color in it, so I ordered her her own.  Check them out-they’re really cool.

Then we got things ready for the party.  Tabby had chosen a “Flower” theme many months ago and stuck with it. For her cake we saw one in a May issue of Taste of Home that she wanted.  It looked super easy and cute. I made a yellow cake in a jelly roll pan and cut it into thirds.  I used a delicious chocolate frosting.  To make the sides they suggested vanilla sugar wafer cookies. For some reason my store only had some weird sugar free ones, which I blame for the ensuing crisis.  First of all, I was short about 10 cookies and called Paul (who was fortunately at the store) to get another package, and paused my assembling. When he returned and I looked at the cake, all the cookies had come apart!!! Aah! We managed to paste it back together and have one person hold it in place while the other put the licorice lace tie around it.  To make the flowers we used dum dum lollipops with fruit leather around it. Then you stick the lolly in the the green and white paper straws. I used green licorice and dried kiwi for grass and leaves.  Overall I think it looked great.
The much anticipated window box garden cake
It was a pain to cut as the box part fell apart as soon as I undid the string, but that’s ok.
Flower Windowbox Cake

The weather was absolutely perfect for a backyard party (just like on the actual day she was born!) When the girls arrived I painted flowers on all of their faces and then we played games. I love it that Tabby wanted party games at her party.
Playing pin the bee on the flower
We played musical chairs, pin the bee on the flower, had a sack race, and played that game where you pass a wrapped present around and when the music stops the person holding it unwraps a layer. Eventually the last person gets the actual present.  The girls thought it was hilarious that there was Christmas wrapping paper in the layers.  And Paul had raked a big pile of leaves to be the finish line of the sack race, which they loved.
An actual feed sack race
For the most part they loved the games, but there were a few who said (whined) “I don’t want to play.” and wouldn’t.  Which fascinates me because when I was a kid that just wasn’t an option. If the group you were with was doing a game or whatever, you did it. And I’ve seen this refusal at parties, VBS, and Scout meetings, too.  Anyway, they also had fun just playing on the old swingset and on the trampoline.  Then we painted pumpkins, which they got to take home.  Then, in lieu of a pinata, we did a candy scatter, which they went wild for. Basically you mark off an area of lawn and strew it with candy. Line up the kids, give them a bag, and shout Go! Then they run around like mad finding candy.   Then it was time for cake and punch.
Singing and cake
As they finished their cake I gave them their big favor, which was a flower wreath I made. That’s right-I made 13 flower wreaths (I didn’t know how many kids were coming.) I think they came out beautifully and the girls looked like beautiful little hippies with flowers and ribbons about their heads.
The party guests with their flower wreaths-they all looked like beautiful little hippie girls
Flower Wreaths
There were many new-to-me children at this party as they are Tabby’s new classmates, and I was happy they were all such nice little girls and had a good time. In fact, the best compliment ever was when two girls swinging on the swingset said to me, “This is the best birthday party ever!” and asked if they could come over to play again. [I told this story to Paul who replied, “Welcome to the 70s girls”.  I think kids do like our old-fashioned parties because they’re just not that common anymore.]
BIrthday Cutout
After they all left we came inside to open presents and my mom came over.  Now, it is October-birthday and Halloween time-and for the past few years disastrous things have been happening. During the party we experienced partial power outages. Some things worked, some things didn’t.  One of the things not working was the stove so I didn’t know if we’d be able to even have dinner at home.  Fortunately it came on just in time for us to have Tabby’ requested dinner of my macaroni & cheese (which I’d made in the morning, thank goodness because I was beat by then.)  Paul also built us our first fire of the season so we all felt warm and cozy while we had dinner, ate the rest of the cake, and opened a couple more presents.

All in all, it was a great birthday for her. Happy Birthday, Tabby! Six years of making us smile and laugh.
Happy Birthday, Dear Tabby

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  1. Looks like a great party! I love the games and the flower wreaths for the girls. Exactly the kind of party I liked to throw when my kids were little. The cake was amazing too, despite the issues making it!


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