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It’s the Great Pumpkin(s)!

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Tonight we carved up the pumpkins we picked into jack-o-lanterns.  It felt like such a nice family tradition, what with listening to Kids Corner and hearing Halloween music and stories.  Tabby definitely had some troubles with the design and carving aspect, but helped with the gutting.Clark did pretty well with his and went with a traditional face.
Hard at work

These tiny saws have really made pumpkin carving so much easier than when we were kids, haven't they?

Paul, of course, was very clever. In addition to a wee mouse pumpkin, he chose this greenish grey one and turned it into an anguished face.
Paul's Tortured Soul of a Pumpkin
I went with cheerful and a toothless smile.  Double circle nostrils are a nod to my Dad, who often drew noses like this.
Tabby's long face and my cheerful fellow (the nostrils are a nod to my dad, as he used to draw them like this)
The lineup looks pretty good!
Our Jack-O-Lanterns
As always with nighttime shots there were a lot of reject photos. I kind of like this one, though, in which it looks like the jack-o-lanterns’ souls are leaving them!
Pumpkin souls leaving their corporeal pumpkin bodies


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