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Happy Halloween!

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Is it possible that I enjoy Halloween even more now than when I was a kid?? There was a lot of pressure this year in New Jersey for the weather to cooperate.  After the freak snowstorm and the devastating hurricane, we were all ready for a return to a school parade and a nice evening of walking around trick-or-treating.  After a tense hour of rain, it stopped and we were able to watch the kids at school parade in their costumes.
Scuba Diver
Lots of parents dress up and the whole event is just fun and adorable.  I sported a gigantic Medusa headpiece Paul got for me (Project Runway’s Chris March designed for Target), which the kids loved. [Side note-I was very pleased that so many children knew on sight that it was Medusa. There was an adult next to me who was utterly perplexed by it and didn’t know who Medusa was. Really??] So what did the kids wear? Well, this year Clark was a scuba diver.  I was so pleased with this choice because he originally wanted to be the grim reaper.  This was a fun costume. He had a mask and then Paul fabricated his scuba tank. Two oatmeal canisters, a cheap backpack with the pack cut off, some old leash, all taped together and spray painted silver.  Some hosing from Home Depot and a little gadget that just happened to look like the mouthpiece regulator.
Then he cut out flippers from craft foam to slip over his feet.  He wore pants and a black shirt for his wetsuit.  Paul was super pleased when two houses we went to were thrilled over it, proclaimed it the best they saw, and one guy apparently is a scuba diver and loved it so much he gave Clark 4 pieces of candy!
Little Angel
Tabby was an angel.  I bought some very inexpensive gold flecked shiny ivory fabric and basically made a poncho with big sleeves.  She wore it right over her clothes. I also picked up angel wings while at Joann’s, and then I fashioned a halo from gold garland I wrapped around a circlet I made just like the flower wreaths.
Trick or Treat!
In the early evening we headed down the hill and into town. This is always so much fun because all the houses are decorated and it’s festive and merry and much socializing. It’s funny, our kids don’t even know about ringing a doorbell because there are so many people in town for trick or treating that at the houses the people set up on their porches with the candy. My favorite is the guy who always has a treat for the adults-jello shots!
Trick or Treat!
And the fire station is open and well lit and people congregate there. There was a guy on stilts with a long robe and spooky mask who did a fantastic job of scaring kids by standing completely still, towering over everyone and then suddenly lunging at someone.  It was a lot of fun seeing kids and grownups dressed up (though I didn’t understand the popular costume of a bodysuit-morphsomething?- that covered one from head to toe) and the kids having so much fun.
It was a terrific Halloween!


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