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Now that Clark’s quilt is done I can turn my attention back to the scrappy prism quilt.  I have the blue and purple squares left to do, but yesterday morning I decided instead to try my hand at a Dresden plate.  This is a circular quilt block that I thought would be a nice detail on the back. My friend lent me her template for the wedge and I couldn’t wait to try it out. I cut out 20 wedges to make a rainbow-3 in each color, plus 2 more to bridge from purple to red.
Rainbow Dresden Plate
It was a little difficult since I had a feline assistant.
Rainbow Dresden Plate
Then you sew the fat edges together so you can turn them into points.
Rainbow Dresden Plate
Turn out, press, and attach all the wedges. Voila!
Rainbow Dresden Plate
I am so delighted with this that I am changing the plan for the quilt. This will now be in the center with the 6 blocks around it on the front of the quilt. Oh, and the center of the wheel will be a black and white print. (It’s folded up into a square here, but it will be a circle.)
Rainbow Dresden Plate

This weekend was also the last Saturday of soccer. It was a surprisingly (to me) good time this fall.
Tabby really enjoyed playing and was good at it, Clark was much improved since last year, and Paul was a terrific coach for his teams and found that he really liked it. I actually enjoyed watching the games most of the time! But I’m still glad to get the team bags of balls out of the back of the car. Thank you, Paul, for doing this for the kids!
Saturday night was one of our game nights with friends, which was awesome. Is there anything cozier than playing raucous board games on a chilly evening with a fire going?
The days are getting shorter and that means the chickens are laying fewer eggs. We’ve got 8 hens and down to two eggs a day. We’ve also got EIGHT roosters, which is absurd, but we can’t bring ourselves to eat them so they will continue to live with us unless we can find anyone who wants them. The twins from the start of the summer have turned into very large, absolutely gorgeous roosters. The twins from the end of the summer just started learning to crow this week, which sounds adorable.

And finally, very exciting news, Tabby is learning to read! It all seemed to click this week and she is finally getting it and figured out how to sound out words. She has happily and successfully read Hop on Pop three times, as well as a few other things. Congratulations, Tabitha! May you have a lifetime of wonderful books to escape into!

A new reader!


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