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“Roy G Biv is a colorful man and he proudly stands at the rainbow’s end…” Do you know that song by They Might Be Giants? I’ve had it stuck in my head whenever I work on my scrappy prism quilt. (Even though I’m only using Roy G. BV.)  This week I finished the blue and purple blocks, thus completing the colorful scrap portion of this quilt.  The plan is to have them on a white background (still need to buy the white fabric.) Here is the blue block. I’m really pleased with how the lighter and darker blues work together.
roy g Biv

In the blue we recognize pieces of: one of my favorite aprons I made for myself, pieces from Clark’s quilt, pieces from a nautical baby quilt I made for my cousin, and the little piece in the center with the snowflake was from a jumper I made Tabby when she was a toddler, along with a matching dress for her baby doll.

Here’s purple. When I was done with it I thought it might have too many small pieces compared to the other colors, but oh well.
roy g biV
The purple block has a couple fabrics from dresses for Tabby, the batik stripe was my grandmothers, and the butterflies and sort of medallion print are from the quilt I made my friend Megan when she was having chemotherapy. This what I love about a scrap quilt-I see and remember all those people and times associated with the different fabrics.
And here’s the whole set of prismatic colorful pieces:
Scrappy Prism Components
I’m not sure if I will place them like so:
Scrappy Prism Components

or more angled around the center, like so:
roy g Biv
The problem with the latter is that it would be a whole lot more difficult than just piecing together straight lines of the white fabric. The Dresden plate gets appliqued on, so that’s not a problem. As for the quilting, who knows what that will be?

Today was our first fall Saturday without soccer in the morning, so I was really looking forward to a lot of relaxation.  But even our relaxing was so busy! We went out to breakfast because we haven’t been to the diner in months, and from there headed to the library to meet one of Clark’s favorite authors-Dan Gutman. He’s written many popular series including My Weird School.  He was an engaging speaker, terrific with the kids, and they even distributed copies of his books to the kids to be autographed! It was very exciting.


After that I had a Daisy meeting.  Our troop was having a baking meeting-baking loaves of pumpkin bread to include in Thanksgiving baskets distributed to local needy families.


Another busy Saturday!


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  1. Love the ROYGIV quilt blocks. No matter how you end up placing them this top is going to be scraptastically fun and colourful.

  2. Gorgeous colours… I like the straight arrangement better, because I think the blocks speak louder that way. If they’re at angles, that’s what you see first. Looking forward to seeing it finished.


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