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It’s Beginning to Look a (tiny bit) like Christmas

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Thanksgiving Part II
I love it that the long Thanksgiving weekend is still not over.  That said, we stretched it a day.  I felt compelled to cook some turkey of my own, so I had bought a turkey breast. On Friday I roasted it-with bacon on top! And made the usual stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy. And some delicious brussels sprouts and carrots roasted together (with a little bacon, too.) It was a wonderful part II of Thanksgiving. We are not Black Friday shoppers at all. Instead we spent the morning with our friend ice skating.  It was a beautiful bright and sunny, crisp and cold day-perfect for an outdoor rink.  The kids had rough starts, but quickly improved.


This picture makes Tabby look much better than she really was at it, but I’m proud of her that she kept getting up and trying again.

Tomorrow I’m attending a cookie swap party (and a holiday parade), which means that today I baked my first batch of Christmas cookies. Well, in fact, I haven’t actually baked them yet-they’re still chilling. Where are they chilling? Not in the refrigerator which is BROKEN and the repairman can’t come until Monday. Good think it’s so cold out-we’ve got our perishables secure on the front porch. Anyway, for the swap I’ve chosen to make the classic Chocolate Mosaics.  My mom always made these every year and they are an easy cookie to make a lot of because after you’ve made the logs and chilled them you just slice them. The chocolate log always makes me laugh.
Let the Christmas baking begin!
Let the Christmas baking begin!

I have started listening to Christmas music and also started some Christmas crafting.  One of the projects in Doodle Stitching is to stitch on paper to make cards or gift tags, or what have you. I drew some Christmas shapes and painted them. Then I stitched along the outline.  Stitching on paper is weird and I recommend a thimble. I used my needles to poke holes on the top and then, like a lacing card, just pulled my thread in and out of the holes I’d made.
Stitching on Paper
I’m planning on then cutting them out, maybe a round shape?, and using them as gift tag/ornaments.
Stitching on Paper

In case you don’t already know this, I also have two book related blogs. One, The Last Book I Read, is where I write reviews of everything I read.  The other, Fourteen Bears, I just started this year and is about the books our family reads together, or the kids read on their own.  Starting tomorrow I’m going to do a Christmas book a day, so if you’re looking for some good children’s Christmas stories, do be sure to stop by!


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  1. That picture of Tabby looks like she is flying. (Oh wait I took that).
    The turkey was phenomenal…not a dry section at all..not even when reheated!


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