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Kicking off the season!

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Sunday afternoon was sunny and not too cold-the perfect day to get those outdoor decorations up!
Decorating the big tree



Even the wren house gets a festive wreath
As for the inside, well that’s what today is for (along with cleaning out the now repaired refrigerator, which smells terrible.) Decorating was followed by going to a cookie swap.  And since I know my friend Shannon is one of my readers, her delicious cookies (which I’ve already eaten 2 of this morning alone) get their recipe featured here 🙂
Cookie Swap
It was a fun way to begin the holidays-sharing delicious cookies and taking home a nice assortment (including two different salted caramel things.)  I’ve put some directly into the freezer.  I think it’s nice when friends come by during the holidays to be able to offer cookies at a moment’s notice.  As for our own cookie party, would you believe I still don’t know what I’m making??

After the cookie feast it was off to a Main St. holiday parade. Clark and Paul rode on a float with their Cub Scout pack while Tabby and I joined the festive crowds and enjoyed watching. I think I’ve mentioned before that I wish our Memorial Day parade was a bit more like this one. All the Girl Scout troops are dressed up like Christmas things, there’s a marching band, a big color guard, a big bagpiper group, and it’s noisy, cheerful, sparkly, and fun.
Holiday Parade

Holiday Parade

Even Gordon got the Christmas spirit!
Christmas Bunny!


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