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All Christmas All the Time

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It’s one week until Christmas-gulp! Every day when Clark shouts out how many days it is until Christmas it makes me cringe because it’s so close and I don’t feel fully ready! Over the weekend I think we all fully embraced the Christmas spirit. We had plenty of snow on Saturday, so much so that we had to miss our Christmas party. We all watched Arthur Christmas together with festive holiday snacks, and with the tree sparkling and the snow on the ground and the fire blazing it really felt wonderfully Christmassy. Sunday was the children’s pageant at church and Tabby was an angel and also got to light an advent wreath candle. It was so lovely to sing all the well known and loved Christmas carols.

In the afternoon the boys were out at the final Jr. Naturalist program and a Cub Scout meeting. While they were out Tabby and I made a batch of the Christmas cookies I most wanted. Yes, we had lots of leftovers from the party but you know what? I wanted my kind. So we made the fussy Martha Stewart thumbprint cookies-just a small batch-and they are fantastic. We’ve been slowly doling them out-one per day for each of us.
Thumbprint Cookies
While we were baking Santa came by on the fire truck.  He drives around town each year handing out candy canes. The fire engine pulls him on a flatbed that has a couch on it, which is pretty funny. Tabby was super excited.
Waiting for Santa
Junior Naturalist was apparently very festive and they made decorations and had a little party.
And look at all the stuff they got!
This was a full 12 month program at Duke Farms and though Clark missed a couple months and sometimes grumbled about going, he ultimately reported that he really liked it and had a good time. “I just didn’t like going-I liked it once I was there, though.” So evidently it’s actually leaving the house that bugs him. I thought this was a great program and exploration of nature, native habitats, and the environment. He may sign up for a program for 2014 that is ornithology.
Class Picture 2
I’ve been trying to finish up (get started on) some of the homemade gifts I’m doing this year. I’ve had two crises so far, though-for one project it turns out I don’t have enough fabric. I think I may have solved that problem but still need to do the entire project.  The other one I ran out of binding and had to use a contrast binding to finish the project. Also, apparently my presser foot is not lifting up all the way. I’m sure the repair shop can fix this, but it will have to wait until Christmas. I’m waiting on an order of wool felt sheets to be able to do another project.  I’m being vague, but after Christmas I’ll post pictures of all the projects.

In the meantime, shopping is finally (mostly) done. Today was very snowy, but happily the kids were at school. I picked up my new eyeglasses (bifocals! a jazzy bold frame!) and then relaxed by baking our traditional sticky buns for Christmas morning breakfast. The snow was falling, birds were visiting the feeder, and it felt wonderfully wintery.  The snow has really helped build the Christmas excitement and hopes for a white Christmas-but apparently on Friday it will be unseasonably warm with a high of 58.
The birds were grateful for the feeders this week
Also of note in the kitchen, I made tacos for dinner last night. Why is that so exciting? Well, I made them by using a package of the roasted tomatilloes I had frozen this summer. It was a delicious way to use them. I had a pork tenderloin I cubed up, seasoned with some spices, sauteed, then added the defrosted tomatilloes. It was rather sour so I added some regular red tomatoes to it and it cooked up into a beautiful sauce. I’m delighted to say my kids devoured these.

And finally, the big news of the night–Tabby got her much anticipated haircut.  We made it quite a big outing to a very nice salon and she was very excited by all the attention.  It’s a pretty drastic cut-her hair was halfway down her back and now it’s a cute bob. I think it looks fantastic and hope she still loves it tomorrow.


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  1. What gorgeous hair your little girl has, and that style really suits her, much better, I think, than before. I do enjoy reading about snow at Christmas. It’s so hot here, I can enjoy the cold through your writing.


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