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[Ugh-there seems to be some issue with Flickr and getting my pictures into this post. For now, I’m going to post this as is and if you care to see the photos that go along, just hop over to my flickr photostream on the right and you should be able to see pictures of what I’m talking about.]

New cozy pjs for Christmas are, if not a must, certainly nice to have.  Some time ago I bought great flannel at Joann’s-a snowman print for Tabby and tarantulas for Clark.  I’ve finally finished, but boy were these garments frought with difficulties. For Clark’s pants I was making simple pants based on a pair he had. Only when he went to try them on they were crazy small. Evidently the model pants were also too small. I ended up slicing the pants on the side and adding in a 4 inch strip of additional fabric (he wanted an orange racing stripe, but I wanted it to be flannel.) They ended up ok, though he wouldn’t model them, so this is the example of them:

As for Tabby’s nightgown I scored this great pattern (McCall’s 6459) for .99 at Joann’s. I bought 2 yards of the flannel and guess what? It was NOT ENOUGH. As I discovered when I went to do the cutting layout. From the pattern picture it looked rather voluminous, so I hoped that I would be able to shrink it and have it still fit. So the sleeves were less bell shaped and more straight, but as you’ll see they turned out just fine.  Where it seemed like things wouldn’t work out was inserting the sleeve into shoulder. I think I’m at the point in sewing where I need to read instructions and then decide if I like the pattern method or my own. I would have preferred here to sew the sleeve into the shoulder and then do one big side/sleeve seam.  I had to do a little seam ripping and a version of that to make this work.  I also would have hemmed the sleeve first so I could do it flat instead of in a circle. Oh well.  The other fit issue which bothers me is how low the neck is. This is irritating because I tried it on her before I stitched it and it seemed fine, but the finished product, not so much. Oh well. I love the binding, square neckline, and bow detail.

She chose a cute heart button for the back (which I haven’t bothered to make a loop for yet.) Look how long this it and know that the original pattern called for a very wide ruffle added to this!  Despite those issues I think this was a simple and nice pattern and since it came in sizes 7-14 I look forward to making it and the variations (pants, shorts, short sleeved, long sleeved) many times in the future.

In the midst of this and my gift making I also am having trouble with the presser foot on my machine. When I lift the lever it is not going up so I have to manually hold it up. I think it will have to go to the repair shop, but not until after Christmas.

nutcrackerI’m all done with Christmas shopping, but still need to get cards out and wrap, wrap, wrap! I’ve mentioned many times how much I like Christmas music. I won’t be doing a whole post this year, but direct you back to past Christmas music posts.  2011 and 2012.  This year we’ve got a couple new cd’s to mention.  First, Danú.  This is the Irish group we saw perform a couple weeks ago. I thought the music was beautiful and loved the lead singer’s voice, so we picked up a disc of what is basically the performance we saw.  In the Nutcracker Mood is the Glenn Miller Orchestra performing fantastically jazzy renditions of Nutcracker music, plus a few extras.  And finally, Bad Religion has come out with a Christmas album.  As Paul pointed out it’s a fast album to listen to because most Christmas songs are short to begin with, and then Bad Religion’s style is to play everything super fast. I have to say that I really liked this album. They’re not too crazy with modifying the songs, though when you listen you know right away badreligionthat it is Bad Religion (well, if you are familiar with their music.)


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  1. It may have been hard to do but the neckline makes Tabbys nightgown. It doesn’t look too low. Congratulations and although I haven’t looked closely, A plus. (as Grandma Doris would say)

    • Thanks, Mom. It’s already held up to a washing, too! Because the edges are bound there is not a facing, so it was actually an easy neck to do (similar to an apron I’ve done.)


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