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Embroidered Pincushions (and the final countdown to Christmas)

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Felt & Embroidered Pincushions
I’ve gone pincushion crazy! I really loved the little mushroom pincushion I made from Doodle Embroidery. Like a lot of embroidery projects I feel like I just needed the idea and inspiration to get going. After the mushrooms I decided to try some fish. Oh, but first I ordered myself some nice wool felt from Prairie Woolens. It’s not expensive, but there is no place around here to get it so it was best to just order a stack online to have on hand.
I ordered a stack of beautiful wool felt from Prairie Woolens
I used two shades of blue, made waves, and cut out three little fish.  To make the big shapes (the mushrooms, the fish, the bunnies) you cut out a little felt shape and sew it on, then do a satin stitch over the top (this three dimensional technique is called “stumpwork.”) I did three fish, plus green kelp.
Another pincushion
Next up, pink and green background with bunnies and flowers.
Springtime Meadows
This one ended up being larger than the other because I kind of guessed and freehanded the shape.  Tabby says she liked the bunnies best just as felt shapes and I did think that was pretty cute, too. I have vastly improved my satin stitches.
I've really improved my satin stitch
These have been such satisfying projects to make. I’m definitely going to do another mushroom one, and who knows what else?
Felt & Embroidered Pincushions
The Christmas excitement in our house is basically at a fever pitch now. On Friday night we went to see A Christmas Carol at McCarter Theater. It was wonderful. The costumes were gorgeous, the acting tremendous, and it was just a wonderful performance. The kids were both terrified at the initial ghost (a door knocker came to life in a very startling way), but the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future were not frightening. I was surprised by how much humor they put into the play and also wonderful dancing in a few merry scenes. We started listening to an audiobook version (narrated by Patrick Stewart) today and it definitely has a different vibe, although much of the dialogue was the same.
On this first full day of winter there were record highs in New Jersey-73 degrees!! Instead of being bundled up outside we spent part of the day basically doing spring yard work (or, more acccurately, fall stuff we hadn’t done like cleaning out around the hostas and pond.)
Warm Day Shenanigans
Then we had our Christmas celebration with aunt and uncle and cousins and it was very merry. Strange, though, to eat dinner sitting on the screened in porch-it was that balmy! I made a 3-D Christmas tree cake. I bought this pan a couple years ago and never used it until yesterday. I was thrilled (and surprised) the cake came out of the perfectly. It was a carrot cake which I dusted with confectioners’ sugar to look like snow.
Christmas Tree Cake
Check out this fantastic Christmas quilt my mother whipped up this month.
moms new Christmas quilt


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  1. Very, very cute pincushions. You remind me that I’ve promised my sister a pair of boiled egg cosies to replace her very sad and tatty ones, and they’d make a perfect gift! I love the stumpwork fish and bunnies, such pretty work.

    • Thank you, Kate! I’d love to see egg cosies, which sound adorable and like something I want but would never use (since I don’t eat eggs except scrambled.)


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