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Handmade Christmas

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mosaic handmade 2013

This year I made a lot of gifts to give. It started with the mushroom pincushion from Doodle Stitching. I was so charmed by this embroidery project that I ended up making two mushroom ones, as well as one with an ocean motif, and one with bunnies. I love how these came out and they were fun to make. And, look! My mom was inspired and made me one too!
Also from Doodle Stitching came the idea of painting a watercolor picture and using embroidery to outline the pictures. I followed the pattern design for this cute squirrel and put it in a frame (without the glass.) I liked it so much that I also made little drawings of my own design to turn into gift tags that could be turned into ornaments.  I also stitched an ornament, made peppermint bark for teachers, and made a fleece throw for a niece by simply stitching a binding on to a nice piece of fleece.

The biggest project I did was make a kimono for my friend Mary Lynn.  It all started when I saw this spectacular blue and red fabric in the clearance section of PQW.


I had admired it when I was looking for fabric for my own kimono, so when I saw it on sale I had to get it.  Then it turned out I didn’t have enough to make the pieces. But! That was good because I had just enough of my red staple dress fabric to use for the coordinating bits, which really is what makes this looks so good. I love how it came out-perfect for feeling a little exotic while lounging with your coffee.  I hope my friend has many happy years wearing it.


The most creative project I did was for Paul.  Paul is a wonderful artist, but has said that his biggest obstacle is just thinking of what to do (and then taking the time to do it.) He wondered if I could give some sort of “year of creativity” of ideas for him.  He didn’t really need art supplies, but I got a new sketchbook, some charcoals, and a watercolor book.  In that I did this painting:


And then subsequent pages give a challenge for each month, with some bonus ideas at the end, including the end-of-year directive to choose his favorite project and have something made out of it.

And speaking of making things out of art, I also got for myself two more color collage mugs. I loved the orange one I did a couple years ago and have always wanted more colors.  Since I have color sets on Flickr its easy to choose an assortment of photos with a predominant single color and put them together in a collage mug over at Snapfish. I love how they look. This year I did a purple and yellow one. Before you know it all of our mugs will be sporting my photos!

And a lovely homemade gift I received was from Paul-two full discs of songs specifically selected from me from the past few years of All Songs Considered. I don’t often seek out new music for myself, so I absolutely loved it that he took the time to sort through and choose things he knew I would like. I’ve already listened to each disc several times!

It was a crafting happy Christmas. I already know the next project I‘ll be working on for next year.


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