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Merry Christmas!

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It takes me a few days to come out of the Christmas bubble. Christmas Day itself is so surreal-so much anticipation and then you can hardly believe it’s really there, and then you’re so wrapped up in the day, and then it feels short and you can’t believe it’s over.  We were fortunate this year that Paul didn’t have to work on Thursday or Friday, so we were able to extend the Christmas bubble, which included a Boxing Day lunch out with another family, a spectacular Game Night, and my annual Christmas exchange with my girlfriends. So today we emerge back into reality and I can take the time to write about the big day.

Christmas Eve was a slow day, with Paul working a regular day. The kids and I played Monopoly and watched Iron Giant (which we saw for the first time on a Christmas Eve so now I associate it with that) and then my mom joined us all for dinner.  I always had trouble falling asleep on Christmas Eve but my kids were keen to fall asleep quickly so that Santa might come sooner. And he did..
We came downstairs to find..
This is the first year Clark woke up extra early with excitement-5am-but he was able to go back to sleep so we got up at a very reasonable 7am and all raced downstairs. Tabby was thrilled to see that Santa had left a doll bed for Molly, not even wrapped, but all made up with the covers (this detail seemed to amaze her the most.) It was a wonderful time of opening our gifts, being delighted, surprised, and thrilled.
I was so excited to give Paul a miniature theramin, and I was super excited to receive this:
my most anticipated gift-Fashion Plates. Had it when I was a kid, loved it, got Paul to get it on eBay for us
If you were a girl in the late 70s you recognize this immediately-Fashion Plates. I wanted to get something like it for Tabby but was dissatisfied with what they make now, so I started looking on eBay (because the one I had as a child was long gone). I found an auction and asked Paul to bid on it. After a couple of tense days and upped bids, he got it. So I knew that we were getting it, but was still beyond thrilled and completely nostalgic to open this up. Tabby and I have been having a lot of fun with it. As for Clark, the #1 thing on his Christmas list was his very own tablet. We went back and forth on this for a long time-it’s expensive, I felt it wasn’t really necessary, and all kinds of other things. But we did end up getting him one and the reaction was worth every penny and the resulting hugs were wonderful.
Excitement over the best gifts!
Other highlights were the group hug after Tabby gave us a painting she made and wrapped by herself which she declared “the best hug ever because Clark was in it” and Tabby’s reaction to Clark’s gift to her, which was a pink cowgirl set (I didn’t know he got her this and was totally touched that he remembered she pointed it out in a toy store, and then saw it in another store with Paul and asked to get it for her.) Her reaction was wonderful.
The sweetest moment of the day for me
It was a wonderful day, and we especially love that we don’t have to go anywhere on Christmas Day. We can take a really long time to enjoy and play with our new things.
The Aftermath
Oh, and Santa brought us an indoor trampoline, which Tabby spent most of the day bouncing on and saying “I could do this for hours.”
The trampoline was a huge hit
My mom joined us just when we were done opening gifts and then we opened all over again with her. I made us a nice dinner and before you know it the kids were back in bed and Paul and I were watching Love Actually by the fire. It was a magical day and one I think we’ll all be happily remembering.
Merry Christmas, kidsFrom my family to yours, Merry Christmas!



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  1. Awwww! What a lovely Christmas! I love the photo of your living room carpeted with discarded wrapping paper. And welcome back to harsh reality. Now, what are you going to make next?


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