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Happy New Year–Looking at 2014

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I did the look back, now it’s time to look forward. Before we hit the resolutions and what-not, let’s talk New Year’s. We had a nice New Year’s Eve with hors d’ouvres for dinner, a movie, and board games with the kids.
Happy New Year
On New Year’s Day we tried our hand, yet again, at geocaching, and were terribly unsuccessful. The kids at least fun discovering some amazing ice at one of the parks we visited.
Ice shield

Crazy Ice Patterns
And, later on, Paul happened to meet someone who filled him on some tips and helped him out and we’re going to try this year to keep doing this and finally find some of these caches.
January 2 was back to school for the kids, but not quite back to normal because we all knew a big storm was coming and we’d have no school on Friday. Which, sure enough is what happened. It was a wonderful snow day-enough snow that Paul got to stay home too, and we made the most of the extra day of vacation. Some outside snow fun (and tears because it was so cold), then watching a movie, and making homemade soft pretzels.
Roll the dough into long pieces
The shaped pretzels take a steamy boiling bath

Voila! Pretzels

The kids helped make them, which was fun, and they were amazed at how delicious they were.

mosaic pretzel
It was a cozy day-I literally wore pajamas all day!

New Year’s leads to talk of resolutions. And at this time each year I like to look back on the previous year and see how I did with meeting my goals and plan out some news ones. Well, honestly, last year was a big disappointing year of basically not achieving or completing anything.  I basically closed up my Etsy shop because I realized I paid to list my items for six months and no one bought anything.  I had two paid sewing jobs and two paid photography jobs and I hoped that they might lead to more, but they didn’t. I never did sell any products made from my photographs. I gave up 9 months into my 4th year of Project 365. I didn’t learn how to crochet. I had lots of ideas we didn’t follow through on (let’s all go bike riding every day! let’s do an art project every day! let’s institute some chores!)  I applied for two jobs, decided one wasn’t for me, but then got rejected for the other one which was absolutely crushing because I was certainly overqualified for the job. All that job application angst made me realize that I simply don’t want to go back to a full time year round job as a public library would be. So then the second half of the year was all about figuring out how to finish certification for school librarianship and getting enrolled for January. Which I didn’t do. By the end of December it just seemed like the worst year of doing anything ever and in a crazed need to feel like I could actually do something I spent December 30 and 31st finishing up a photo challenge. Which I did do, but honestly it didn’t yield anything great for me, except to say I did it.  I really feel like for 2014 I should lower my hopes and goals and expectations.  So this year’s goals are:

1. Family fitness challenge: we all need to lose weight and get in shape. I’m making this my primary mission for the year and trying to pretend we’re in a magazine and obligated to succeed.

2.Sewing: finish the rainbow quilt, finish the snowball quilt, and buy the fabric and plan out Tabby’s quilt.

3. Reread books.  I thought about this a lot last year and reread one book.  There are many books I love and want to read again, but I’m always too tempted by new ones. This year I’d like to make a point to reread and rediscover some of my favorite books of the past.

and that’s it. I just don’t want to disappoint myself this much again.  Goal #4 is to find a way to earn some income, but I hesitate to even formally list that because I don’t have high hopes for it. That all sounds pretty gloomy, I know. But if you go back to my look back on 2013 you’ll see that in the midst of not achieving we still had some good times!


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